Douglas Rowe

Douglas Rowe (Born 1938)[1] is an American actor.

Douglas Rowe
Born1938 (age 81–82)
OccupationActor, Director
Years active1963-present


Rowe is mostly a character and supporting actor, he has appeared in films such as The Incident (1990) and Appointment with Fear (1985), his character as the off-beat, seedy looking detective in Appointment with Fear was described as a "maniac detective inspired by Dirty Harry.".[2] On television he appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode "The Outrageous Okona."[3] In the 1990s he appeared as a Proprietor in Murder She Wrote, portrayed Dr. Arndt in ER and Ricky in Northern Exposure.[4]


Rowe was managing director of the Laguna Playhouse from 1964 to 1966, and served as artistic director from 1976 to 1991.[1] Rowe is also a prolific stage actor, starring in productions of Death of a Salesman,[5] Caesar and Cleopatra,[6] Our Town[7][8] and As You Like It.[9]


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