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Douglas Glacier (New Zealand)

The Douglas Glacier is a glacier in New Zealand's Southern Alps located between Mount Sefton and Mount Brunner.[1] It is named after the explorer Charles Edward Douglas.[2]

The glacier sits in a valley and is fed by materials consisting of many streams and frequent avalanches which drop from its névé down a cliff face of over 1,000 feet.[1] The glacier itself was approximately 5 miles long in 1908. [1] The glacier has a relatively high rate of moraine materials, consisting of "friable phyllites and schistose grauwackes".[1]

At the foot of the glacier is a lake that was created by glacier recession.[3] Reports from 1892 and 1934 indicated it had "an anomalously slow lake development".[4] The Douglas River (formerly known as the Twain) begins in the lake at the foot of the glacier.[1]