Double skin milk

Double skin milk (Chinese: 雙皮奶; Jyutping: soeng1 pei4 naai5) is a Cantonese dessert made of milk, egg whites, and sugar. It was first invented in Shunde, Guangdong. [1] It is a velvety smooth milk custard somewhat resembling panna cotta, with two skins. The first skin is formed during cooling of the boiled milk and the second when cooling the cooked custard. Traditionally, buffalo milk is used; its higher fat content compared to cow's milk produces a smooth texture. This dessert is particularly famous in Shunde, Guangzhou, Macau, and Hong Kong.

Double skin milk
Double skin milk.jpg
A bowl of double skin milk from the Bai Hua Dessert Store in Guangzhou, China.
Alternative namesShuang Pi Nai, 双皮奶 (in Chinese)
CourseDessert, Cantonese dessert
Place of originChina
Region or stateShunde, Guangdong
Associated national cuisineChinese
Serving temperatureCold or warm
Main ingredientsmilk (Buffalo milk), egg white,sugar
Similar dishesPudding
Double skin milk
Double skin milk with mango


Double skin milk originated from the Daliang Town, Shunde District in Guangdong. It is said to have been created by Grandma Dong in Qing Dynasty in Shunde. At that time, there was no refrigerator and the temperature was always high in Guangdong. Cowherd Grandma Dong found difficulties in storing milk. In one experiment, she boiled the milk and found a skin formed on the milk after cooling it down. The skin was surprisingly delicious. Hence, she started to sell milk with skins in her store and the products became popular in the neighborhood. However, milk with skins tended to spill easily during transportation. To solve this problem, Grandma Dong added egg white to the milk, which allowed the milk to curdle after boiling. After several improvements, we have today's double skin milk, with Grandma Dong credited as the originator. Nowadays, the skills used in making double skin milk are listed as part of the Shunde Intangible Cultural Heritage.[2]

Nutritive valueEdit

  • Double skin milk is rich in protein , which balances potassium sodium, eliminates edema, boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, buffers anemia, and is conducive to growth.
  • Double skin milk is rich in calcium , which is helpful to bone development. It helps human bodies to regulate enzyme activity, which allows bodies to participate in nerve activity, muscle activity, and neurotransmitter release. It also helps human bodies to regulate hormone secretion and heart rate. It also reduces cardiovascular permeability, eliminates inflammation and edema, and balances acid-base in human bodies.
  • Double skin milk is rich in lactose, which makes calcium easily absorbed by the body.[3]

Famous dessert shops for double skin milkEdit

Hong KongEdit

1. Australian Dairy Company

2. Yee Shun Milk Company


Yee Shun Milk Company


Nanxin Milk Desserts Experts

Shunde, Foshan CityEdit

1. Renxin Laopu

2. Minxin Dessert Shop


Suitable ForEdit

  1. People with low immunity
  2. People with memory deterioration
  3. People with anemia
  4. People with edema
  5. People with anorexia
  6. People with troubles to sleep
  7. People with scant hair
  8. Pregnant and lactating women with insufficient milk secretion
  9. People with hyperthyroidism[5]

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