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Double J (formerly Dig Music) is an Australian digital radio station owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It is positioned as a spin-off of the youth-oriented Triple J catered towards an older adult audience, emphasizing genres such as pop, rock, blues, country, soul, jazz and world music, as well as archive content from Triple J's library.[1] Currently it is mostly automated,[2] but has a few regular live programs.

Double J
Broadcast areaAustralia: DAB (where available), DVB-T Ch-200 & Online Worldwide: Internet Radio
SloganMusic from your past, present and future
OwnerAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
Triple J, Triple J Unearthed
WebcastLive stream

It is available terrestrially via DAB+, as well as other online and digital television platforms.


Dig Music (2002-2014)Edit

ABC Dig Music began in November 2002 (double j was originally the name for triple j in the mid 70's, but was changed to triple j when the station switched to FM). It emerged from formats developed by Bill Gates and Phil Cullen at ABC Coast FM, which broadcast an Adult Alternative music format and was for many years ABC Radio's only continuous stream. It was part of a suite of three digital channels, alongside Dig Jazz and Dig Country.[3]

Some ABC Local Radio, ABC Radio National and Triple J music programs, were also broadcast on ABC Dig Music.

In July 2009, Dig Radio, Dig Jazz and Dig Country was rebranded as the launch of digital radio stations ABC Dig Music, ABC Jazz and Country.

Double J (2014 – present)Edit

On 24 October 2013, the station came under the management of Triple J.[4]

On 28 April 2014, Dig Music signed off, and began stunting with a loop of "Express Yourself" by N.W.A. (an homage to a May 1990 industrial action by Triple J relating to another song by the same group), as well as covers of the song by Darren Hanlon and The Audreys.[5][6][7]

At Noon on 30 April 2014,[8] Dig Music officially relaunched as Double J (an homage to the original name of 2JJ),[9] with former Triple J announcer Myf Warhurst hosting "Lunch with Myf". The launch was also broadcast live on Triple J, replacing "Lunch with Lewi" for that day.[10]

On 19 January 2015, the station broadcast a special day of programming, Beat the Drum Again, to mark 2JJ's 40th anniversary. It included programs staffed by historic personalities such as Mikey Robins and Helen Razer, Angela Catterns, Chris & Craig, Roy & HG, and rebroadcasts of the original station's first hour on the air, and Midnight Oil's 1985 "Oils on the Water" concert on Goat Island (which was part of Triple J's 10th anniversary).[11]


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