Dot Dot News (點新聞) is a pro-Beijing online media located in Hong Kong, which was established in 2016. Dot Dot News has a close relationship with Wen Wei Po. For example, they are sharing the same office in Hing Wai Industrial Centre at Tin Wan.[1][2][3]

Dot Dot News has been considered as a platform of fake news and hate speech. Its Facebook page was deleted by the Facebook administrator in September 2019 because of distributing hate speech and rumours.[1][4] Dot Dot News criticized the action of Facebook as a suppression of freedom of speech.[5]

Facebook Page being deleted Owing to Fake News and Hate SpeechEdit

In early September 2019, Facebook introduced the fact check mechanism in Hong Kong, in the hope of suppressing fake news via collaboration with Agence France-Presse and gatekeeping of senior reporters. They would validate the trustfulness of the news and information shared vi Facebook.[6][7][8]

On 11 September, the Facebook page of Dot Dot News was banned. Dot Dot News launched an appeal and the page was resumed on 12 November.

On 13 September, their Facebook page was deleted again. Dot Dot News launch the pages of 2.0 and 3.0, but both were gradually deleted. Facebook warned that if they repeat their behaviour, the relevant personal account would also be banned.

On 20 September, They opened another Facebook page named 點新聞dotdotnewsmedia, and claimed they would fight against unreasonable suppression. Wen Wei Po criticized Facebook for suppressing the press freedom and cut the Hong Kong citizens from getting rational and patriotic messages [9]。Dot Dot News were also supported by Pro-Beijing online Media HKGPao and Silent Majority.[10]

Global Times quoted an anonymous analyst, which suggested including Facebook into part of the unreliable entity list[11]

Dot Dot News continued their efforts of reopening Facebook pages, but was eventually closed by Facebook.[12][13]


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