A dossier is a collection of papers or other sources, containing detailed information about a particular person or subject.

Dossier can also refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and mediaEdit

  • Dossier 51, a 1978 film based on a book of the same name
  • Dossier Journal, an independently published and owned bi-annual arts and culture journal
  • The Miernik Dossier, first of seven novels by American novelist Charles McCarry

Specific dossiersEdit

  • Farewell Dossier, documents that a KGB defector gave to the French DST in 1981–82
  • Iraq Dossier, a 2003 briefing document for the British Labour Party government concerning Iraq and weapons of mass destruction
  • September Dossier, a document published by the British government on 24 September 2002 concerning weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq
  • Trump–Russia dossier, a dossier containing allegations of a conspiracy between Trump's 2016 campaign and the Russian government, sometimes known as the "Steele dossier"
  • Westminster paedophile dossier, a dossier on paedophiles allegedly associated with the British government

Other usesEdit

  • Dossier criminal, a term used by Indian police forces to classify criminals
  • Global Dossier, an online public service launched in June 2014 by the five Intellectual Property offices

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