The Dorper Wind Power Station is an operational 100 MW (130,000 hp) wind power plant located in the Eastern Cape province in South Africa.

Dorper Wind Power Station
Dorper Wind Farm in 2014
CountrySouth Africa
LocationMolteno, Eastern Cape
Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality
Coordinates31°28′49″S 26°26′26″E / 31.48028°S 26.44056°E / -31.48028; 26.44056
Construction began2018
Commission date2020
Wind farm
Power generation
Units operational40
Make and modelNordex N100 2.5MW wind turbines
Nameplate capacity100 MW
Annual net output513 GWh
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Commercial operations of the power station has started in 2014, and the energy generated is sold to the South African national electricity utility company Eskom, under a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA).[1]

Location Edit

The power station is located near Molteno, in the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality, in the Eastern Cape Province.[2]

Overview Edit

The power station is made of 40 wind turbines of the Nordex N100 variety, each rated at 2.5 megawatts for total capacity of 100 MW.[2]

Developers Edit

The power station was developed and is owned by a consortium of international IPPs and financiers. The power station was built, funded and is operated by a consortium referred made of Sumitomo Corporation and Rainmaker Energy.[3]

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