Dorothy Parker – Complete Stories

Complete Stories is the collection of short stories by Dorothy Parker. It was published in 1995.[1] It has an introduction by American professor and humorist Regina Barreca that brings up the conflicts between Parker and her critics.

The short stories generally deal with ordinary people's lives and their struggles in a satirical, humorous way.

Table of contentsEdit

  1. Such a pretty little picture
  2. Too bad
  3. Mr. Durant
  4. A certain lady
  5. The wonderful old gentleman
  6. Dialogue at three in the morning
  7. The last tea
  8. Oh! He's charming! --Travelogue
  9. Little Curtis
  10. The sexes
  11. Arrangement in black and white
  12. A telephone call — A terrible day tomorrow
  13. Just a little one
  14. The mantle of Whistler
  15. The garter
  16. New York to Detroit
  17. Big blonde
  18. You were perfectly fine
  19. The cradle of civilization
  20. But the one on the right
  21. Here we are
  22. Lady with a lamp
  23. Dusk before fireworks
  24. A young woman in green lace
  25. Horsie
  26. Advice to the little Peyton girl
  27. From the diary of a New York lady
  28. Sentiment
  29. Mrs. Carrington and Mrs. Crane
  30. The little hours
  31. The Waltz
  32. The road home
  33. Glory in the daytime
  34. Cousin Larry
  35. Mrs. Hofstadter on Josephine Street
  36. Clothe the naked
  37. Soldiers of the republic
  38. The custard heart
  39. Song of the shirt, 1941
  40. The standard of living
  41. The lovely leave
  42. The game
  43. I live on your visits
  44. Lolita
  45. The banquet of crow
  46. The bolt behind the blue
  47. Our Tuesday Club
  48. As the spirit moves
  49. A dinner party anthology
  50. A summer hotel anthology
  51. An apartment house anthology
  52. Men I'm not married to
  53. Welcome home
  54. Our own crowd
  55. Professional youth



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