Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration

Doraemon the Movie 2019: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (ドラえもん のび太の月面探査記, Doraemon: Nobita no Getsumen Tansa-ki) is a Japanese science-fiction anime film. It was premiered on March 1, 2019.[3][4] It is directed by Shinnosuke Yakuwa and screenplay by Mizuki Tsujimura.[5]

Doraemon the Movie 2019: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration
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Theatrical release poster
Japanese映画ドラえもん のび太の月面探査記
HepburnEiga Doraemon Nobita no Getsumen Tansa-ki
LiterallyMovie Doraemon Nobita's Moon Exploration
Directed byShinnosuke Yakuwa
Written byFujiko F. Fujio
Screenplay byMizuki Tsujimura
Based onDoraemon by Fujiko F. Fujio
Music byTakayuki Hattori
Distributed byToho
Release date
  • March 1, 2019 (2019-03-01)
Running time
111 minutes[1]
Box office$66 million[2]

This is the last Heisei-era Doraemon movie, released two months before the 2019 Japanese imperial transition.[6]


The film's story relates to the Japanese folkloric belief that a rabbit resides on the Moon. The film is set on the Moon and centers on strong friendships bound together by the "ability to believe." Luna is a mysterious girl who lives on the far side of the Moon. Diabolo and his subordinate Goddard stand in the way of Nobita and his friends on their Moon exploration journey. [7]


During the day, Nobita and friends were finding out how did they went to the other side of the moon but everything went wrong. At night, Japan launched its first ever robotic rover looking for life on the other side of the Moon. Then back on Earth, the Nobi family were looking up in the sky and the Moon turned yellow. Doraemon gives Nobita the Opposite-Direction Badge and goes to the Moon. When they arrived, Doraemon pulls out the Animal Dough-Making Bucket, then they create bunnies that would build their own colony. Later at school Nobita tells his class all about it but they think it's really funny. Then his teacher introduces a new student named Luka. At first when he first discovered the moon alongside Doraemon & friends he was worried. Luka takes out his cap and finds out that he's from this colony. Then he and his sister Luna showed them how their colony was made.


The theme song is “THE GIFT” by Dai Hirai.[7]

Video GameEdit

FuRyu released a game adaptation for the Nintendo Switch on February 28, 2019.[8]


Character Japanese voice actor
Doraemon Wasabi Mizuta
Nobita Megumi Ōhara
Shizuka Yumi Kakazu
Suneo Tomokazu Seki
Gian Subaru Kimura
Luka Junko Minagawa
Luna Alice Hirose
Cancer Sōichi Nakaoka
Crab Shigeo Takahashi
Goddard Yūya Yagira
Diabolo Kōtarō Yoshida
Moobit Akino Watanabe
Tamako Nobi Kotono Mitsuishi
Nobisuke Nobi Yasunori Matsumoto
Dekisugi Shihoko Hagino
Sensei Wataru Takagi
Aru Ikue Ōtani
Mozo Yukiji
Kaia Ai Sakai
Nuru Michiyo Murase
Moru Noriaki Kimiko
Rukoru Hitomi Nabatame

Box officeEdit

Debuting on 382 screens with Toho distributing, Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration earned $6.2 million on 586,000 admissions in its first weekend and ranked number-one on Japanese box office. The film has grossed ¥5.02 billion ($45,461,132) in Japan,[9] and $19,855,318 in China and Vietnam,[10] for a total box office of $64,863,650 in Asia.

Here is a table which shows the box office of this movie of all the weekends in Japan:[11]

# Rank Weekend Weekend gross Total gross till current weekend
1 1 March 2–3 ¥695,700,000 ($6.2 million) ¥757,447,800 ($6.8 million)
2 1 March 9–10 ¥612,046,700 ($5.5 million) ¥1,491,610,300 ($13.5 million)
3 1 March 16–17 ¥437,689,000 ($3.9 million) ¥2,057,055,800 ($18.6 million)
4 1 March 23–24 ¥310,745,700 ($2.8 million) ¥2,866,733,800 ($26.0 million)
5 1 March 30–31 ¥323,763,200 ($2.9 million) ¥3,826,872,100 ($34.8 million)
6 1 April 6–7 ¥174,742,000 ($1.6 million) ¥4,532,025,400 ($41.0 million)
7 2 April 13–14 ¥97,795,500 ($873,000) ¥4,684,036,700 ($42.4 million)
8 8 April 20–21 ¥41,445,900 ($370,000) ¥4,739,882,100 ($43.0 million)
9 9 April 27–28 ¥27,000,000 ($250,000) ¥4,768,000,000 ($43.4 million)
10 10 May 4–5 ¥27,888,400 ($252,000) ¥4,945,496,100 ($44.9 million)
11 - May 11–12 ¥7,000,000 ($64,000) ¥4,960,000,000 ($45.0 million)
FINAL TOTAL - - - ¥5,020,000,000 ($45.6 million)


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