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Dongsha Atoll National Park

Coordinates: 20°43′N 116°42′E / 20.717°N 116.700°E / 20.717; 116.700

Dongsha Atoll
Dongsha monument

The Dongsha Atoll National Park (Chinese: 東沙環礁國家公園; pinyin: Dōngshā Huánjiāo Guójiā Gōngyuán) is the seventh national park of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

The marine park is located at the Pratas Islands (Dongsha Islands) in the north of the South China Sea, and includes the Dongsha Atoll (Pratas Atoll), a circular atoll 25 kilometres (16 mi) in diameter with a tropical monsoon climate, and the surrounding seas. The total area is 3,537 square kilometres (1,366 sq mi), with 1.79 square kilometres (0.69 sq mi) of land.[1]

The Park is managed by the Ministry of the Interior. It was established on 17 January 2007; and on 4 October of the same year an administrative office was set up in Kaohsiung City.


Average temperature and precipitation of Dongsha Atoll(1996~2005)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average
Temperature(°C 21.7 22.0 23.9 26.2 27.9 29.1 29.6 29.3 28.4 26.9 24.9 22.3 26.016
Precipitation(mm) 23.9 25.0 17.5 56.1 141.2 166.9 193.7 211.4 244.2 146.1 44.0 76.3 112.192


Seagrass Beds are well formed in the atoll and in adjacent waters, providing rich bio-diversities of marine life from fish, jelly fish, squid, sicklefin lemon sharks,[2] and rays to rarer sea turtles, Dugongs, and cetaceans (dolphins and whales).[3][4] Recovery of green sea turtles has especially been noted.[5] Possible use of the atoll as a breeding ground by lemon sharks have been speculated due to the numbers of infants that have been discovered.[6]

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