Dongdu Shilüe

Dongdu Shilüe ("Summary of Events in the Eastern Capital") is an 1186 Chinese book chronicling the Northern Song dynasty (960–1126) history, written by Wang Cheng, a Southern Song official in the historiographic compilation bureau. It was so titled because Song's "Eastern Capital" Kaifeng had fallen to the Jin dynasty since the Jingkang incident in 1127.

Dongdu Shilüe
AuthorWang Cheng
CountrySong dynasty
LanguageClassical Chinese
Subjecthistory of the Song dynasty
Publication date
Dongdu Shilüe
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Much of the information appears to be compiled by Wang Cheng's father Wang Shang (王賞), who worked in the editorial office for the Veritable Records during 1142–43.[1]


The book contains 130 chapters (卷):[2]


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