Dongdamen Night Market

The Dongdamen Night Market or Dongdaemun Night Market (Chinese: 東大門夜市; pinyin: Dōngdàmén Yèshì) is a night market in Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan.[1] It is the largest night market in the county.[2]

Dongdamen Night Market
41-花蓮東大門夜市,林記燒番麥 (29518961025).jpg
LocationHualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan
Coordinates23°58′25.4″N 121°36′41.0″E / 23.973722°N 121.611389°E / 23.973722; 121.611389Coordinates: 23°58′25.4″N 121°36′41.0″E / 23.973722°N 121.611389°E / 23.973722; 121.611389
Opening dateJuly 2015
ArchitectNight market
Days normally open7
Number of tenants400 vendors
Total retail floor area9 hectares


Dongdamen means big east gate in English due to its location at the eastern edge of Hualien City.[2]


The area where the night market stands today used to be the area of the old train station. The night market was opened in July 2015.[3] On 3 June 2019, the night market was engulfed in flame, which started about 1 a.m. The fire damaged 660 m2 area of the night market and burned down 32 stalls.[4]


The night market was constructed as part of the 6th rezoning area.[2] It spreads over an area of 9 hectares and consists of Futing Night Market (Chinese: 福町夜市) for Taiwanese cuisine, street of Taiwanese aborigines cuisine (Chinese: 原住民一條街), Zhiqiang Night Market (Chinese: 自強夜市) and street of Mainland China cuisine (Chinese: 各省一條街).[3][5] The night market also features a center plaza, tourist information center, an ecology pond and a lookout tower.[2]


Currently there are 400 vendors operating at the night market.[3]


The night market is accessible by bus from Hualien Station of Taiwan Railways.[3]

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