Dolphin Flag

FIAV historical.svgThe Dolphin Flag. Ratio: 3:5
FIAV historical.svgVersion of the flag used at sea. Ratio: 1:2

The Dolphin Flag of Anguilla was adopted on September 29, 1967, after the colony (then part of Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla) unilaterally declared independence from the United Kingdom as the Republic of Anguilla. It depicted three orange dolphins in a circle on a white background with a turquoise stripe at the bottom. It was used until March 19, 1969, when British rule was restored.[1]

The white background on the flag represents peace. The turquoise stripe represents the Caribbean Sea. The three dolphins represent endurance, unity, and strength, and their circular arrangement represents community.[2]

The flag was designed by Arline and Marvin Oberman.[citation needed] It replaced the earlier "Mermaid Flag" of Anguilla, designed by Scott Newhall, which had been in use since July 23, 1967.[3]

Although no longer official, the Dolphin Flag is still flown today.[2]

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