Dolly Parton challenge

The Dolly Parton challenge is a series of four-panel image macro series in which people parody how they present themselves on the social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. It was started by American singer Dolly Parton on 21 January 2020. The original post[1] on Instagram went viral, gathering more than 1 million likes in four days. Within hours, other celebrities and thousands of non-famous people posted their own versions[2] on social media including Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, Viola Davis, Celine Dion, Jennifer Garner and Ellen DeGeneres and within a couple of days large news media started publishing about the topic.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

Challenge with cosplayers of Wikipe-tan and Green Dam Girl
The singer who introduced the challenge, Dolly Parton, pictured in 1989.