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Dokufest is an International Documentary and Short Film Festival held in the Kosovo town of Prizren. It is an annual festival held in August. Dokufest was founded in 2002 by a group of friends. It has since grown into a cultural event that attracts international and regional artists and audiences. Films are screened throughout the eight-day festival and accompanied by programs, activities and workshops.

Dokufest Short and Documentary Film Festival Prizren, Kosovo
Dokufest logo 1.jpeg
Dokufest logo
LocationPrizren, Kosovo
AwardsStone Award
Artistic directorVeton Nurkollari
WebsiteOfficial website

"Kosovo is known more for conflict than culture, but at a film festival in the country’s prettiest town, partying and arts mix to great effect." The Guardian[1]



DokuFest was established on as a volunteer based organization with almost no funding at the beginning and continues to draw support from the community and agencies within Kosovo.

However, its path has often been associated with major difficulties due to the unique context that organization operated (such as the post war situation, lack of similar referent events, lack of trust from institutions and potential donors etc.)

It was run by volunteers until the introduction of full-time and part-time contracts came into place in 2008 and led to the employment of a small number of staff. The need for an organizational structure arose when the organization became involved in implementation of yearly-based projects, in addition to organizing the festival. This led to the establishment of a core team that took over the design, planning and implementation of many initiatives resulting in successful implementation of several projects.

As well as organising large-scale cultural events, DokuFest also concerns culture, education and activism for sound cultural policies and alternative education system in Kosovo.

As of 2014 more than 18,000 visitors from across the world went to Prizren during Dokufest.

The overall programEdit

Various events happen within the scope of the festival: workshops, DokuPhoto exhibitions, festival camping and concerts.[2]

Annual International Documentary and Short Film Festival that includes screening of films in seven improvised cinema's in the city of Prizren, photographic exhibition “DokuPhoto”, Workshops, Master Classes and debates, amongst others.

The festival's creative director is one of its founding members, Veton Nurkollari.

  • Film training initiative called “Human Rights’s Film Factory - Stories from Kosovo’s Margins” that includes series of workshops for filmmakers, production of six documentaries on Human Rights coupled with series of human rights debates throughout Kosovo.
  • Promotion of Human Rights and Democratic Values through Film that includes usage of human rights documentary films as educational tools and establishment of Kino Clubs in Highs Schools as well as Documentary film school guiding high school students from Kosovo throughout the process of transforming their film ideas into a finished documentary.
  • Travelling Cinema “Cinema at Your Door” aiming at documentary film screenings in rural areas of Prizren region coupled with discussions focusing on the difficulties that rural communities experience in their everyday life and the lack of the cultural activities in their surroundings.
  • Part of larger NGO network working actively on environmental related issues and promotion of renewables in Kosovo.
  • Active participation and contribution on national and regional networks, aimed at development of sound cultural policies and organization of debates with relevant stakeholders, both in Kosovo and the region.

Cinema ExperienceEdit

As well as Prizren's historic indoor cinema there is a second cinema built by the festival. There are also two cinemas erected every year especially for the festival. Castle Cinema is built on a platform on the mountain top castle above Prizren City. River Cinema is built on a platform directly over the river that flows through Prizren so cinema-goers sit above the flowing water.


Dokunights has become Kosovo's premiere music event featuring international and local singers, bands and DJ's past performances have including acts such as PJ Harvey.


Runs simultaneous to Dokufest and concentrates on technical innovation and creativity.

Dokufest ProductionsEdit

Dokufest was awarded the British Academy Film Award for Home in 2017.


A program of films and workshops designed especially for young guests.

Theme & SloganEdit

Every year the festival is programmed and created around a theme that forges a unique annual identity.

Year Theme Slogan Artist/Designer
2012 Punk Protest Punk Protest Prizren Bardhi Haliti
2013 Borders You Brake Mine, I'll Brake Yours Daniel Mulloy
2014 Change Don't Hide Daniel Mulloy
2015 Migration But We Do Not Have Wings To Fly Free Daniel Mulloy
2016 Corruption Daniel Mulloy
2017 Future Is Not Dead Aneta Nurkollari
2018 Reflection I'll Be Your Mirror / Come As You Are Veton Nurkollari


  • Best National Competition
  • Best International Feature Documentary
  • Best International Short Documentary
  • Best International Shorts
  • Best Balkan Dox
  • Best Human Rights
  • Best Green
  • Audience Award
  • Best Procredit EKO Video

In 2010 Dokufest was voted as one of the 25 best international documentary festivals.[3]


Prizes 2012 2013 2014 2015[4]
Best national competition Portreti i Humbur (Lulzim Zeqiri) The Stone on the Shore (Jonada Jashari) SILENCE (HESHTJE) (Bekim Guri) TË PAFAJSHMIT (Amir Vitija)
Best Balkan Dox Letter to Dad by Srdjan Keca When I Was a Boy I Was a Girl (Ivana Todorović) EVAPORATING BORDERS (Iva Radivojevic) FLOTEL EUROPA

(Vladimir Tomic)

Best international Dox shorts Out of Reach (Jakup Stozek) Belleville Baby (Mia Engberg) EMERGENCY CALLS (Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen) THINGS (Ben Rivers)
Best international feature Dox PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM (Boris Gerrets) Belleville Baby by Mia Engberg DOMINO EFFECT (Elwira Niewiera and PiotrRosolowski) MACHINE GUN OR TYPEWRITER (Travis)


Best international shorts Gardfrend (Cuneyt Karaahmetoglu) A Society by Jens Assur SUBTOTAL (Gunhild Enger) LISTEN (Hamy Ramezan and Rungano Nyoni)
Best Human Rights You Don't Like The Truth – 4 days Inside Guantanamo (Luc Cote and Patricio Henriquez) Dance of Outlaws by Mohamed El Aboudi JUDGMENT IN HUNGARY (Eszter Hajdu ) DEMOCRATS (Camilla Nielsson)
Best Green Dox Kingdom of Coal (Antoneta Kastrati) Future My Love (Maja Borg) METAMORPHOSEN (Sebastian Mez) VIRUNGA (Orlando von Einsiedel)
Audience Award The Black Power Mix Tapes 1967-1975Â (Goran Hugo Olson) Kolona (Ujkan Hysaj) PËRQAFIMI (THE HUG) (Lulzim Guhelli) REMAKE, REMIX, RIP-OFF (Cem Kaya)
  1. Paradox by Trim Kasemi
  2. Shkatërrojnë Gjelbrimin në Prishtinë (Visar Duriqi)
  3. Bërllogu bohët prej Bërllogut (Nora Raci)
  1. A Day of Clear Weather (Odeta Cunaj & Alketa Ramaj)
  2. Lumenjtë e vdekur (Besnik Boletini)
  3. Reka Sitnica (Sonja Ristic)
  1. Je polic i vetvetes (Albulena Veliu)
  2. Shit (Vali Gjinali)
  3. Ruaje Ambientin (Imer Veliu)

In 2014 Dokufest won Best Poster at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival for its poster designed by Daniel Mulloy[5]

In 2014 Dokufest won Best Festival Identity at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival for its fully immersive campaign designed by Daniel Mulloy[6]


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