Doggie March (わんわん忠臣蔵, Wanwan Chūshingura) is a 1963 Japanese animated adventure comedy-drama film directed by Akira Daikubara while distributed by Toei Company, Ltd. The film premiered in the same year as another Toei Animation production, Wolf Boy Ken. An apprentice around this time, a pre-fame Hayao Miyazaki worked on in-betweens during the production phase as his first animation gig. The film was released in Japan by Toei on December 21, 1963.[2]

Doggie March
Japanese DVD cover art
Japanese name
Revised HepburnWanwan Chūshingura
Directed byAkira Daikubara
Screenplay byDaisaku Shirakawa
Kei Iijima
Story byOsamu Tezuka[1]
Produced byHiroshi Okawa
StarringChiyoko Honma
Fumitake Omura
Hideo Kinoshita
Hideo Sato
Junko Hori
Kazuko Yoshikawa
Kiyoko Yamamoto
Kō Nishimura
Makiko Ito
Ranko Mizuki
Yoshihisa Kamo
CinematographyJiro Yoshimura
Kenji Sugiyama
Edited byIkuzo Inaba
Music byUrato Watanabe
Distributed byToei
Release date
  • December 21, 1963 (1963-12-21)
Running time
82 minutes

Plot edit

An Akita puppy named Rock lives in a secluded cabin with his mother Shiro, a protector beloved by the forest animals. One winter night, a wily fox named Akamimi challenges Shiro and leads her to a mountain belonging to his boss Killer, a notorious Bengal tiger, who attacks her. In the spring, Rock mourns the loss of his mother and vows to get revenge.

He travels to a city and finds a troupe of street dogs, who agree to help him. Rumor spreads back to the forest that Rock has raised a large army to challenge Killer, so he dispatches Akamimi to send Rock out to sea in a barrel. A girl rescues him, however, and Rock lives with her. Meanwhile, the forest animals––including Killer and Akamimi––are captured and put into the city zoo. Word reaches Rock, now an adult, that Killer is still capable of terrorizing the other animals, so he travels back to the city and rejoins his gang. Together with his forest friends, they summon dogs from around town and challenge the large zoo animals. Eventually, Rock and Killer duel on a speeding rollercoaster, and Killer plummets to the ground. With everyone free from danger, the dogs march down a city street in celebration.

Cast edit

  • Rokku/Girl in the lighthouse - Aki Hori
  • Shiro - Mizuki Ranoko
  • Karu - Kitagawa Mari
  • Goro - Hideo Sato
  • Nukiya - Sakae Umezu
  • Killer - Akira Nishimura
  • Akamimi - Kamo Kikuhisa
  • Rabbit - Makiko Ito
  • Ron - Kazuko Yoshikawa
  • Rima - Kiyoko Yamamoto
  • Stray Dogs - Hanazawa Tokuho, Unno Yori, and Nishito Taika

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References edit

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