Does Humor Belong in Music? (album)

Does Humor Belong in Music? is a live album by Frank Zappa.

Does Humor Belong in Music?
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Live album by
ReleasedJanuary 27, 1986
RecordedOctober 8, 1984 – December 23, 1984
ProducerFrank Zappa
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Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention
Does Humor Belong in Music?
The Old Masters Box II
Alternative cover
Does Humor Belong in Music.jpg
Cover for the 1995 reissue, by Cal Schenkel.
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The only authorized (by Zappa) EMI CD features concert recordings from October–December 1984. It was the first album by Zappa to be released on CD only (although it was bootlegged on vinyl for listeners who did not own CD players).[2] In 1995, it was reissued by Rykodisc in an extremely remixed form, with significantly improved dynamic range and new artwork. The 1995 edition includes an extra minute of percussion effects during "Let's Move to Cleveland" that had been excised from the EMI edition. In 2012 the (remixed) album was reissued as a part the Zappa Reissue Program. It was a part of "The 4th set of 12" released on October 30, 2012 and featured the original artwork without the white stain in the bottom left.

A home video (later reissued on DVD) of the same name was released. "Zoot Allures", "Tinsel Town Rebellion", "Trouble Every Day" and "Whipping Post" appear on both, but are different performances. Fragments of "Hot-Plate Heaven" also appear in the video (with only the verses of the song left intact). The cover art of the original CD release and video release, however, are the same.

Track listingEdit

All tracks by Frank Zappa except as noted.

No.TitleRecording venue(s) and date(s)Length
1."Zoot Allures"Hammersmith Odeon, September 25, 1984
Providence Civic Center, October 26, 1984 (guitar solo)
2."Tinsel-Town Rebellion"Bismarck Theater, November 23, 1984
Queen Elizabeth Theater, December 18, 1984 (ending)
3."Trouble Every Day"Bayfront Center Arena, December 1, 1984
Hammersmith Odeon, September 25, 1984 (solo)
4."Penguin in Bondage"Bayfront Center Arena, December 1, 1984
Queen Elizabeth Theater, December 18, 1984 (solo)
5."Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel"Queen Elizabeth Theater, December 18, 19846:43
6."What's New in Baltimore"Universal Amphitheater, December 23, 1984
Tower Theater, November 10, 1984
7."Cock-Suckers' Ball" (Traditional, arranged by Frank Zappa)Universal Amphitheater, December 23, 19841:05
8."WPLJ" (Ray Dobard)Universal Amphitheater, December 23, 19841:31
9."Let's Move to Cleveland"Universal Amphitheater, December 23, 1984 (Intro and out-chorus)
Bayfront Center Arena, December 1, 1984 (Piano solo)
Queen Elizabeth Theatre, December 18, 1984 (Drum solo)
Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, October 28, 1984 (Guitar solo)
10."Whipping Post" (Gregg Allman)Universal Amphitheater, December 23, 19848:23



  • Frank Zappa - producer, arranger
  • Mark Pinske - recording engineer
  • Thom Ehle - recording engineer
  • Bob Stone - remix engineer
  • Ebet Roberts - cover photography
  • Mark Matsuno - design
  • Cal Schenkel - cover for 1995 CD


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