Doctor John (TV series)

Doctor John (Korean의사요한; RRUisayohan; lit. Doctor Yo-han) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Lee Se-young, Lee Kyu-hyung and Hwang Hee. It is based on the Japanese novel On Hand of God by Yo Kusakabe[2] and aired on SBS from July 19 to September 7, 2019.[3]

Doctor John
Doctor John 2019.jpg
Promotional poster
GenreMedical drama
Based onOn Hand of God
by Yo Kusakabe
Written byKim Ji-woon
Directed by
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes32[a]
ProducerJang Jin-wook
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time35 minutes[a]
Production companies
Original networkSBS TV
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseJuly 19 (2019-07-19) –
September 7, 2019 (2019-09-07)
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A recurring theme throughout the series is the debate over euthanasia.[4]


Cha Yo-han (Ji Sung) is a doctor of anesthesiology. He is arrogant, but he is a genius at his work. Kang Si-young (Lee Se-young) is a resident of anesthesiology who works with Cha Yo-Han. She is smart, warm and listens carefully to her patients. People, with mysterious acute or chronic pain come to the hospital. There, Cha Yo-han and Kang Shi-young try to find the causes of their pain.



  • Ji Sung as Cha Yo-han / John Cha[5]
    • Park Shi-wan as young Yo-han
A talented anesthesiologist who spent three years in prison for performing euthanasia on a dying patient whose pain he could not reduce. He is often called "Ten Seconds" as he can disgnose one's disease very quickly. He secretly suffers from CIPA until it was exposed by Chae Eun-jeong, who held hatred towards Yo-han for ending the life of her daughter's murderer with euthanasia.
A second year resident who was a top student at medical school. She took a break during her studies after she could not save her father in an accident. She decided to come back to the hospital after working at the prison where she met Yo-han.
A prosecutor who is against the practice of euthanasia. He was present during Yo-han's trial and wanted to sentence him to ten years in prison. He holds a grudge against the doctor who ended the life of Yoon Sung-gyu, a murderer who killed Seok-ki's son. He suffers from stomach cancer. It was also shown that he was an opponent to the death penalty, viewing as an act nothing less than murder, albeit a legally-sanctioned one.
He is a fellow of the Anesthesiology Department. He first wanted to prove Yo-han wrong as the doctor corrected his misdiagnosis twice when he was an inmate, but eventually decided to learn from him instead.


Hanse Hospital Pain Management TeamEdit

A third year resident and Shi-young's younger sister who was allergic to animal hair, including cats. She had a strained relationship with Shi-young over the health of their comatose father.
A fourth year resident.
  • Oh Hyun-joong as Kim Won-hee[9]
A first year resident.
  • Son San as Nurse Hong[9]
She has been a nurse for 20 years.
  • Lee Yoo-mi as Na Kyeong-ah[9]
She has been a nurse for 3 years.

People at Hanse HospitalEdit

Chief of the Anesthesiology Department. Shi-young and Mi-rae's mother.
A lawyer specialized in medical affairs.
Director of Sehan Hospital.
  • Oh Seung-hyun as Min Joo-kyeong[10]
Professor of the Anesthesiology Department. Shi-young and Mi-rae's aunt.
  • Jung Jae-sung as Kwon Seok[12]
Professor of the Anesthesiology Department.


  • Ham Sung-min as Yoon Seong-kyu
An anal cancer patient.
  • Kim Do-hoon as Park Jung-bo
Inmate 5353 who suffers from Fabry disease. Also a barista.
A Mixed Martial Arts Champion who suffers from Myasthenia gravis.
A CIPA patient.
  • Lee Ju-won as Choi Seung-won
A Shingles patient (first mistaken for CRPS).
  • Lee Do-kyung as Yu Dok-gyu
A melioidosis patient.
  • Chun Young-min as Lee Da-hae
A phantom limb patient.
  • Oh Yu-na as Yu Ri-hye
A former actress who suffers from neuroblastoma.


A nurse at an hospice center. Yo-han ended the life of her daughter's murderer (It was the same person, who also killed Seok-ki's son).
  • Jang Hee-soo as professor
A professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.
  • Kim Gyul as Seong Dong-ho
A professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.
Former Minister of Health and Welfare. He supports the practice of euthanasia.
  • Moon Hak-jin as Kim Jung-woo
A third year resident in ophthalmology.
  • Kim Seung-hoon as a prison guard

Special appearancesEdit

  • Jeon No-min as Kang I-soo, hospital's chairman and Shi-young's father.[13]
  • Jung In-gi as Oh Jeong-nam, Shi-young's uncle and prison warden.[13]
  • Jung Kyung-soon as Yoo-joon's mother and owner of a restaurant.
  • Lim Dong-jin as Shim Joon-cheol, a neurology professor and Yo-han's doctor.


According to director Jo Soo-won, the series was in development since 2014, the year when SBS bought the rights to adapt Yo Kusakabe's On Hand of God as a TV series.[14]

Early working titles of the series are Doctor Room (Korean닥터룸) and Pain Doctor Cha Yo-han (Korean통증의사 차요한).[15]

The first script reading took place in March 2019 at SBS Ilsan Production Center in Tanhyun, South Korea.[16]

Original soundtrackEdit

Doctor John OST
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
LabelBlending Co., Ltd.
SBS Content Hub Co., Ltd.

Part 1Edit

Released on July 26, 2019 (2019-07-26)[17]
1."Way Back"Ha-na
  • Jung Sung-min
  • Safira.K
2."Way Back" (Inst.) 
  • Jung Sung-min
  • Safira.K
Total length:7:00

Part 2Edit

Released on August 2, 2019 (2019-08-02)[18]
2."Look At" (Inst.) MYK 3:16
Total length:6:32

Part 3Edit

Released on August 9, 2019 (2019-08-09)[19]
  • Kim Young-sung
  • Song Chan-ran
  • Kim Young-sung
  • Song Chan-ran
2."Star" (Inst.) 
  • Kim Young-sung
  • Song Chan-ran
Total length:7:46

Part 4Edit

Released on August 16, 2019 (2019-08-16)[20]
1."Pain or Death"Moon Sung-nam
  • Moon Sung-nam
  • Simji
  • Gravity
Samuel Seo4:28
2."Pain or Death" (Inst.) 
  • Moon Sung-nam
  • Simji
  • Gravity
Total length:8:56

Part 5Edit

Released on August 23, 2019 (2019-08-23)[21]
1."Just Go"Moon Sung-namMoon Sung-namBaek A-yeon3:42
2."Just Go" (Inst.) Moon Sung-nam 3:42
Total length:7:24

Part 6Edit

Released on August 30, 2019 (2019-08-30)[22]
1."Way Back (Acoustic Ver.)"Ha-na
  • Jung Sung-min
  • Safira.K
2."Way Back (Acoustic Ver.)" (Inst.) 
  • Jung Sung-min
  • Safira.K
Total length:7:20

Part 7Edit

Released on September 6, 2019 (2019-09-06)[23]
1."Reason" (이유)Tree TubeTree TubeTree Tube3:39
2."Reason" (Inst.) Tree Tube 3:39
Total length:7:18
Disc 2:
1."Golden Hour"Romantisco1:24
2."Run"Jeong Cha-sik3:10
3."Life Cycle"Moon Sung-nam1:27
4."Actually"Son Han-mook2:57
5."Into the Room"Kim Yung-jin1:33
6."Morning Star"Lee Hye-rim3:04
7."Fatal"No Sa-ra2:45
8."Coming Home" (Guitar Roman)Moon Sung-nam2:56
9."Pulse"Jeong Cha-sik1:24
10."Pure Death"Romantisco3:08
11."Serene Death"Son Han-mook3:01
12."Day Off"Kim Hong-gap3:22
13."Memories"Moon Sung-nam3:59
14."Mad Cello"Jeong Cha-sik3:29
15."Creeping Monster"Kim Yung-jin1:15
17."Decision"Son Han-mook3:47
18."Pain or Death" (Guitar Sad)Moon Sung-nam3:15
19."Obsession"Lee Hye-rim2:23
20."Remembrance"No Sa-ra2:48
21."Coming Home" (Strings)Moon Sung-nam4:40
23."An Unpleasant Memory"Son Han-mook2:37
24."Swear"Jeong Cha-sik3:32


In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep. Original broadcast date Title Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[24]
Nationwide Seoul
1 July 19, 2019 Between Hope and Despair
(희망과 절망 사이)
6.0% (16th) 6.3% (15th)
2 8.4% (8th) 8.7% (7th)
3 July 20, 2019 A 0.00001% Hope
(0.00001%의 희망)
7.0% (15th) 7.5% (9th)
4 10.1% (4th) 11.3% (3rd)
5 July 26, 2019 Champion
7.7% (11th) 8.0% (11th)
6 12.3% (2nd) 13.0% (2nd)
7 July 27, 2019 About Fears
(두려움에 대하여)
8.0% (8th) 8.5% (6th)
8 11.2% (3rd) 11.3% (4th)
9 August 2, 2019 21g, The Weight of the Soul
(21그램, 영혼의 무게)
8.5% (7th) 9.3% (8th)
10 10.8% (3rd) 11.5% (3rd)
11 August 3, 2019 World Without Pain
(고통 없는 세계)
6.9% (11th) 7.6% (7th)
12 9.2% (4th) 10.2% (3rd)
13 August 9, 2019 Secrets and Lies
(비밀과 거짓말)
7.9% (8th) 8.2% (8th)
14 10.3% (4th) 11.2% (3rd)
15 August 10, 2019 Understanding Someone
(누군가를 이해한다는 것은)
7.3% (12th) 8.4% (6th)
16 10.1% (4th) 11.3% (3rd)
17 August 16, 2019 Terminal: Terminal and Incurable
(Terminal: 말기의, 불치의)
7.2% (11th) 7.9% (10th)
18 9.2% (7th) 9.5% (7th)
19 August 17, 2019 Foreboding on a Crisp Afternoon
(화창한 오후의 불길한 예감)
6.5% (16th) 7.1% (10th)
20 9.4% (3rd) 9.9% (3rd)
21 August 23, 2019 Consolation
7.5% (9th) 8.4% (8th)
22 9.2% (5th) 9.9% (5th)
23 August 24, 2019 Schrödinger's Cat
(슈뢰딩거의 고양이)
5.5% (18th) 5.9% (15th)
24 8.0% (4th) 8.8% (3rd)
25 August 30, 2019 The Promise to Try
(노력한다는 그 약속)
7.1% (10th) 8.1% (8th)
26 8.6% (6th) 9.0% (6th)
27 August 31, 2019 A Certain Choice
(어떤 선택)
5.5% (18th) 6.1% (11th)
28 8.8% (3rd) 9.8% (3rd)
29 September 6, 2019 The Heart of the One Who Leaves
(떠나는 사람의 마음)
6.3% (14th) 7.1% (11th)
30 8.1% (7th) 8.7% (5th)
31 September 7, 2019 Farewell, I Hope to Meet You Again Someday
(이별은, 언젠가 다시 만나길 바라는)
6.7% (17th) 7.3% (18th)
32 10.2% (6th) 11.3% (3rd)
Average 8.3% 9.0%

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2019 12th Korea Drama Awards Excellence Award (Actor) Lee Kyu-hyung Won [25]
27th SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award in Miniseries (Actor) Ji Sung Nominated [25]
Excellence Award in Miniseries (Actor) Lee Kyu-hyung Nominated
Excellence Award in Miniseries (Actress) Lee Se-young Won
Best Couple Award Ji Sung and Lee Se-young Nominated
Child Actor Award Yoon Chan-young Won


  1. ^ a b In order to circumvent Korean laws that prevent commercial breaks in the middle of an episode, what would previously have been aired as single 70 minute episodes are now being repackaged as two 35 minute episodes, with two episodes being shown each night with a commercial break between the two.[1]


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