Docomo Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo headquartered in Tamuning, Guam. It is the largest provider of mobile, television, internet and telephone services to the United States territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Docomo Pacific
HeadquartersTamuning, Guam, U.S.
Key people
Roderick Boss (President & CEO)
ProductsMobile, Television, Internet, Telephone
ParentNTT Docomo

The company was formed through the merger of cell phone carriers Guamcell Communications and HafaTel and was acquired in December 2006 by NTT Docomo, a spin-off of Japanese communication company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone.[1] In October 2008, Docomo Pacific was the first company on Guam to introduce a HSDPA network.[2] In November 2011, Docomo Pacific launched 4G HSPA+ service on Guam followed by the launch of advanced 4G LTE service in October 2012.[3]

In May 2013, Docomo Pacific acquired cable company MCV Broadband (Marianas Cable Vision Broadband) from Seaport Capital, an investment company based in New York City.[4]



March 17, 2023


A cyberattack (they[who?] had mentioned cybersecurity) occurred early in the morning causing Docomo's call hotline center, website, internet services knocked out.

Immediate failsafe protocols were initiated by Docomo's cyber security technicians shut down the affected servers and to isolate the intrusion.

During the downtime of the call center and the internet, people on Facebook from Guam complained about what was happening. People complained about the stuff that happened.

Customer's mobile services, voice, SMS, and fiber service's were not affected. People from other services, such as GTA Teleguam, their internet services never got knocked out. This is because the company was never connected with Docomo.

Docomo Pacific posted the updates on Facebook, due to the website being down. After March 17th, the post was deleted and they returned to their normal schedule.

Docomo's tech teams have been working non-stop in order to bring all the customer's internet service's back online, as they said on Facebook, 10:26PM.

Some internet services came back the next day to some places in Guam, but other villages were still left with no internet. Fortunately, the next other day, Internet services around Guam came back.

After March 17th, 2023


More than 5 days after the attack, there was no estimated time of restoration of the Email services, mentioned from GuamPDN.

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