Dobrynin RD-7

The Dobrynin RD-7 or "VD-7" is a Soviet single-shaft axial-flow turbojet engine, which was produced in a small series. "RD" means реактивный двигатель (jet engine). Designed by designer Vladimir Alekseevich Dobrynin (the original designation is VD-7), it was intended for installation on the Myasishchev Type 103 strategic bomber (M-4, later 3M).

Tupolev Tu-22PD, Russia - Air Force AN1844217.jpg
Tupolev Tu-22 with RD-7 engines
Type Turbojet
National origin Soviet Union
Manufacturer Rybinsk Plant No. 36
Designed by Dobrynin OKB
Major applications Tupolev Tu-22

Myasishchev M-50

Produced 1952-1956


  • VD-7B:
  • VD-7P:
  • RD-7M:
  • RD-7M-2:
  • VD-7MD:


Specifications (VD-7M)Edit

General characteristics

  • Type: Single-shaft turbojet
  • Length: 7300 mm
  • Diameter: 1410 mm
  • Dry weight: 3750 kg


  • Compressor: Axial flow, 9-stage LP, 7-stage HP
  • Turbine: Axial, 2-stage


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