Dobro Pole

Dobro Pole or Dóbro Pólie (Macedonian: Добро Поле), (Serbian: Добро Поље, romanizedDobro Polje), (Greek: Ντόμπρο Πόλε, romanizedNtómpro Póle) is a peak situated in the southern part of North Macedonia on the border with Greece.

Dóbro Pólie
Dobro Pole
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Highest point
Elevation1,523 m (4,997 ft)
Coordinates41°03′00″N 21°53′00″E / 41.05000°N 21.88333°E / 41.05000; 21.88333Coordinates: 41°03′00″N 21°53′00″E / 41.05000°N 21.88333°E / 41.05000; 21.88333
Dóbro Pólie is located in North Macedonia
Dóbro Pólie
Dóbro Pólie
LocationBorder between North Macedonia and Greece

The nearest villages are Zoviḱ in the Novaci Municipality in the Mariovo region of North Macedonia, and Prómachoi in the Voras Mountains in the Pella regional unit, northern Greece.

The Battle of Dobro Pole was fought around the Dobro Pole between 15 and 18 September 1918.

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