Taiwan Shoufu University

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Taiwan Shoufu University (TSU; Chinese: 台灣首府大學) is a private university in Madou District, Tainan, Taiwan.

Taiwan Shoufu University
ChairmanXiu-Feng, Ying
PresidentKuang-Hua, Hsu
Taiwan Shoufu University
Traditional Chinese台灣首府大學

TSU runs independently with 2 hotels in Kaohsiung.


The university was originally established as Diwan College of Management (Chinese: 致遠管理學院) in 2000. In 2010, the college was accredited and upgraded to Taiwan Shoufu University.[1] In 2019, the university had an enrollment rate of 52.10%.[2]

The current president is Kuang-Hua, Hsu(simplified Chinese: 许光华; traditional Chinese: 許光華). The Chairman of university board is Ciu-Feng, Ying (simplified Chinese: 应秀凤; traditional Chinese: 應秀鳳).


There are eighteen departments categorized as three colleges, which are:

  • College of Education and Design
  • College of Leisure Industry
  • College of Hotel Management
Academic Programs Bachelor Master
College of Education and Design
Graduate Institute of Education
Department of Early Childhood Education
Department of Computer Science and Multimedia Design
College of Leisure Industry
Department of Leisure Management
Department of Leisure and Information Management
Department of Business Administration
Department of Tourism Management
College of Hotel Management
Department of Hospitality Management
Department of Hotel Management
Department of Baking Technology and Management


The university campus building is constructed on a land belongs to Taiwan Sugar Corporation.[3]


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