Division of Pearce

The Division of Pearce is an Australian electoral division in the state of Western Australia.

Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of PEARCE 2016.png
Division of Pearce (green) in Western Australia, as of the 2016 federal election.
MPChristian Porter
NamesakeSir George Pearce
Electors119,588 (2019)
Area13,250 km2 (5,115.9 sq mi)
DemographicOuter Metropolitan


Sir George Pearce, the division's namesake

The division was named after Sir George Pearce, a founder of the Australian Labor Party in Western Australia, and the longest-serving member of the Australian Senate. The division was proclaimed at the redistribution of 31 March 1989, and was first contested at the 1990 federal election. It has been held by the Liberal Party of Australia for its entire existence. For most of its first quarter-century, it was usually a reasonably safe Liberal seat.

On 12 June 2012, Western Australian state cabinet minister Christian Porter announced he would contest the federal seat of Pearce during the 2013 federal election due to the retirement of Judi Moylan. Porter retained the seat for the Liberal Party. In his bid for re-election in 2016, however, Porter suffered a five-point swing, making Pearce a marginal seat for the first time.

A hybrid urban-rural seat located to the east and north of Perth, the division takes in the far northern suburbs of the metropolitan area before fanning inland from the Indian Ocean to take in portions of the Wheatbelt southeast, east and northeast of the capital.

The division includes the Perth suburbs of Mindarie, Ellenbrook and Middle Swan and the 'Avon Arc' Wheatbelt towns of Gingin, Northam, York, Toodyay, Chittering and Beverley.


Image Member Party Term Notes
    Fred Chaney
Liberal 24 March 1990
8 February 1993
Previously a member of the Senate and Deputy Liberal leader. Retired
    Judi Moylan
Liberal 13 March 1993
5 August 2013
Served as minister under Howard. Retired
    Christian Porter
Liberal 7 September 2013
Previously held the Western Australian Legislative Assembly seat of Bateman. Served as minister under Turnbull. Incumbent. Currently a minister under Morrison

Election resultsEdit

2019 Australian federal election: Pearce[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Christian Porter 43,689 43.72 −1.72
Labor Kim Travers 29,027 29.05 −5.20
Greens Eugene Marshall 8,676 8.68 −2.28
One Nation Sandy Old 8,199 8.21 +8.21
United Australia Rob Forster 2,495 2.50 +2.50
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Ross Williamson 2,125 2.13 +2.13
Christians Magdeleen Strauss 1,609 1.61 +1.61
Independent Colin Butland 1,456 1.46 +1.46
National Steve Blyth 1,342 1.34 −3.35
Western Australia Michael Calautti 1,305 1.31 +1.31
Total formal votes 99,923 93.03 −2.42
Informal votes 7,491 6.97 +2.42
Turnout 107,414 89.82 +2.47
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Christian Porter 57,478 57.52 +3.89
Labor Kim Travers 42,445 42.48 −3.89
Liberal hold Swing +3.89


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