Division of Lyons

The Division of Lyons is an Australian electoral division in Tasmania.

Australian House of Representatives Division
Tasmania Division of Lyon.svg
Division of Lyons in Tasmania, as of the 2019 federal election.
MPBrian Mitchell
NamesakeJoseph Lyons and Dame Enid Lyons
Electors85,243 (2022)
Area35,721 km2 (13,792.0 sq mi)
DemographicRural and provincial


Since 1984, federal electoral division boundaries in Australia have been determined at redistributions by a redistribution committee appointed by the Australian Electoral Commission. Redistributions occur for the boundaries of divisions in a particular state, and they occur every seven years, or sooner if a state's representation entitlement changes or when divisions of a state are malapportioned.[1]


Joseph and Dame Enid Lyons, the division's namesakes

The division was created at the Federal redistribution of 12 September 1984 as a reconfigured version of the abolished Division of Wilmot. The name jointly honours Joseph Lyons, Prime Minister of Australia 1932–39, Member for Wilmot from 1929–39, and his wife Dame Enid Lyons, the first woman elected to the Australian House of Representatives (1943) and subsequently the first female member of Cabinet (1949–51). Joseph Lyons had previously represented Wilmot at the state level from 1909 to 1929.

It has been a marginal seat, changing hands between the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party. It is located in central Tasmania, stretching from the eastern to northern coast and includes such places as New Norfolk, Deloraine and St Marys, as well as the outer northern suburbs of Hobart.


Image Member Party Term Notes
    Max Burr
Liberal 1 December 1984
8 February 1993
Previously held the Division of Wilmot. Retired
    Dick Adams
Labor 13 March 1993
7 September 2013
Previously held the Tasmanian House of Assembly seat of Franklin. Lost seat
    Eric Hutchinson
Liberal 7 September 2013
2 July 2016
Lost seat
    Brian Mitchell
Labor 2 July 2016

Election resultsEdit

2022 Australian federal election: Lyons[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Susie Bower 27,296 37.22 +13.04
Labor Brian Mitchell 21,295 29.04 −7.42
Greens Liz Johnstone 8,382 11.43 +1.98
Lambie Troy Pfitzner 7,962 10.86 +10.86
One Nation Emma Goyne 3,927 5.35 −2.78
United Australia Jason Evans 1,976 2.69 −3.41
Animal Justice Anna Gralton 1,312 1.79 +1.79
Liberal Democrats Rhys Griffiths 1,188 1.62 +1.62
Total formal votes 73,338 93.70 −1.73
Informal votes 4,932 6.30 +1.73
Turnout 78,270 91.90 −2.28
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Brian Mitchell 37,341 50.92 −4.26
Liberal Susie Bower 35,997 49.08 +4.26
Labor hold Swing −4.26
Primary vote results in Lyons (Parties that did not get 5% of the vote are omitted)
  Australian Democrats
  One Nation
  Palmer United/United Australia Party
  Recreational Fishers
Two-candidate-preferred results in Lyons


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