Division of Darwin

The Division of Darwin was an Australian Electoral Division in Tasmania.[1]

Australian House of Representatives Division
NamesakeCharles Darwin

The division was created in 1903 and abolished in 1955,[2] when it was replaced by the Division of Braddon. It was named after Charles Darwin, who visited Australia in 1836.

It was located in north-western and western Tasmania, including the towns of Burnie and Devonport.

After 1917, it was always in the hands of the non-Labor parties. Prominent members included King O'Malley, a colourful Labor member, Sir George Bell, Speaker of the House, and Dame Enid Lyons, the first woman elected to the House of Representatives.


Image Member Party Term Notes
    King O'Malley
Labor 16 December 1903
5 May 1917
Previously held the Division of Tasmania. Served as minister under Fisher and Hughes. Lost seat
    Charles Howroyd
Nationalist 5 May 1917
10 May 1917
Previously held the Tasmanian House of Assembly seat of Bass. Died in office
    William Spence
Nationalist 30 June 1917
13 December 1919
Previously held the Division of Darling. Did not contest in 1919. Failed to win the Division of Batman
    George Bell
Nationalist 13 December 1919
16 December 1922
Lost seat
    Joshua Whitsitt
Country 16 December 1922
3 October 1925
Previously held the Tasmanian House of Assembly seat of Darwin. Retired
    (Sir) George Bell
Nationalist 14 November 1925
7 May 1931
Served as Speaker during the Lyons, Page and Menzies Governments. Retired
  United Australia 7 May 1931 –
7 July 1943
    Dame Enid Lyons
United Australia 21 August 1943
21 February 1945
Served as minister under Menzies. Retired. First woman elected to the House of Representatives
  Liberal 21 February 1945 –
19 March 1951
    Aubrey Luck
Liberal 28 April 1951
10 December 1955
Transferred to the Division of Braddon after Darwin was abolished in 1955

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