Division of Cowan

The Division of Cowan is an Australian Electoral Division in Western Australia.

Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of COWAN 2016.png
Division of Cowan in Western Australia, as of the 2016 federal election.
MPAnne Aly
NamesakeEdith Cowan
Electors98,668 (2019)
Area180 km2 (69.5 sq mi)
DemographicOuter Metropolitan


Edith Cowan, the division's namesake

The division was created in 1984 and is named for Edith Cowan, the first woman elected to an Australian Parliament. It is located in the northern suburbs of Perth, including the suburbs of Girrawheen, Greenwood, Landsdale and Marangaroo. It is a marginal seat, changing hands between the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party.

At the 2007 election, the retirement of sitting member Graham Edwards resulted in Labor losing the seat to Luke Simpkins, the Liberal candidate. Simpkins retained Cowan by defeating Labor candidate Liz Prime and retained the seat at the 2010 and 2013 elections. A redistribution in 2015 saw Cowan undergo a significant boundary change which saw the Liberal margin drop from 7.5% to 4.5%. The redistribution saw Labor target the seat at the upcoming 2016 election. At that election the Labor candidate, Anne Aly, became the first Muslim woman elected to the House of Representatives by narrowly defeating Simpkins.


Cowan covers an area from Tapping and Wanneroo in the north to Kiara and Lockridge in the south. The division covers parts of the City of Wanneroo and the City of Swan and a minor portion of the City of Joondalup. It includes the suburbs of:[1]


Image Member Party Term Notes
    Carolyn Jakobsen
Labor 1 December 1984
13 March 1993
Lost seat
    Richard Evans
Liberal 13 March 1993
3 October 1998
Lost seat
    Graham Edwards
Labor 3 October 1998
17 October 2007
Previously a member of the Western Australian Legislative Council. Retired. Last veteran of the Vietnam War to serve in the House of Representatives
    Luke Simpkins
Liberal 24 November 2007
2 July 2016
Lost seat
    Anne Aly
Labor 2 July 2016

Election resultsEdit

2019 Australian federal election: Cowan[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Isaac Stewart 33,438 39.41 −2.81
Labor Anne Aly 32,353 38.13 −3.55
Greens Mark Cooper 8,551 10.08 +2.48
One Nation Sheila Mundy 4,777 5.63 +5.63
United Australia Peter Westcott 2,171 2.56 +2.56
Christians Andre Lebrasse 1,981 2.33 −0.96
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Paul Bedford 1,582 1.86 −0.95
Total formal votes 84,853 94.59 +0.06
Informal votes 4,850 5.41 −0.06
Turnout 89,703 90.91 +1.31
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Anne Aly 43,135 50.83 +0.15
Liberal Isaac Stewart 41,718 49.17 −0.15
Labor hold Swing +0.15


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