Divine Retribution (TV series)

Divine Retribution (世紀之戰) is a TV drama series broadcast by ATV in Hong Kong on 11 September 2000.[1] The series is supposed to be a sequel to TVB's 1992 series The Greed of Man, and was initially called (大時代2000), literally "Greed of Man 2000".[2][3] Part of the reason for the name change (Chinese + English) was said to be due to legal rights disputes.[4] Douban reviews have suggested that the sequel to a TVB series being adopted by a rival channel ATV was actually not a major controversy.[1]

Divine Retribution
VCD cover
GenreFinancial thriller
Created byWai Ka-fai
Written byYau Nai-hoi
Tai Tak-kwong
Shek Hoi-ting
Yip Tin-shing
Ho Wing-nin
Directed byTam Long-cheung
Lau Chun-ming
Leung Yan-chuen
Yip Chiu-yee
Lau Chi-fu
StarringSean Lau
Adam Cheng
Amy Kwok
Ben Wong
Xu Jinglei
Alice Chan
Anders Nelsson
Belinda Hamnett
Kristal Tin
Opening themePasserby of the Great Era (大時代過客) by Adam Cheng
Ending themeHow Much Fame and Wealth (名利有幾多) by Adam Cheng
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes40
ProducerWai Ka-fai
Running time45 minutes each episode
Production companyATV
Original release
NetworkATV Home
Release11 September (2000-09-11) –
3 November 2000 (2000-11-03)
Divine Retribution
Traditional Chinese世紀之戰
Simplified Chinese世纪之战
Literal meaning"The Battle of the Century"

Synopsis edit

The series takes place in the future year of 2003, where the stock market has created financial crisis that caused complete chaos in the Asia pacific regions. Ting Yeh (Adam Cheng) and Fong San-hap (Sean Lau) now renew their battle and continue where they left off.[5]

Characters edit

The roles by Sean Lau and Adam Cheng are mainly unchanged from the previous series despite the name change. Other characters from The Greed of Man were portrayed by different actors cast by ATV, while Amy Kwok, who had a role in The Greed of Man, portrays a different character in this series.

Fong family edit

Cast Role Description
Sean Lau Fong San-hap
A stock market genius who made most of his fortune during the 1990s stock market showdown against the Ting family.

Ting family edit

Cast Role Description
Adam Cheng Ting Yeh
A brute who has escaped from prison to avenge his family
Lawrence Yan (甄志強) Ting Yat-yeh
Ting family's oldest son
Andrew Yuen (袁文傑) Ting Yee-yeh
Ting family's 2nd son
Chun Kai-wai (秦啟維) Ting Sam-yeh
Ting family's 3rd son

Others edit

Cast Role Description
Amy Kwok Cheung Keung
A therapist who is in charge of Ting Yeh. She used to be Fong San-hap's primary school classmate and they start a relationship after reuniting.
Ben Wong Chun Tou-tin
Fong San-hap's assistant and mentee. He handles the company when Fong is away.
Xu Jinglei Yuen Siu-mui
Fong San-hap's spouse. She is sweet, down-to-earth, pure and faithful, but extremely frugal in spending.
A woman resembling Siu-mui who was sent by Chun Tou-tin to spy on Fong San-hap.
Alice Chan Ching Hei-man
Cecilia Lai (黎思嘉) Shek Leung-chan
Anders Nelsson Seth
Belinda Hamnett Cheng Miu-miu
Fong San-hap's love interest.
Kristal Tin Kei Siu-kwan
Kenneth Chan Au-yeung Wai-lun
Susan Tse Professor Lam
Cheung Yeung (宗揚) Frankie
Lam Nai-chung (林乃忠) Lei Ka-shing
A spoof of Li Ka-shing
Cheung Yip-cyun (張頁川) Kwok Ying-zung
A spoof of Henry Fok
Wong Man-zi (王文治) Ho San
A spoof of Stanley Ho

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