Diplo, Sindh

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Diplo (Sindhi: ڏيپلوUrdu: ڈِپلو‎), is a Taluka(Tehsil) in Tharparkar District, in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is located at 24°28'0N 69°35'0E with an altitude of 26 meters (85 feet). It is located in Thar desert.[1]


Diplo is located in Sindh
Coordinates: 24°17′N 69°21′E / 24.28°N 69.35°E / 24.28; 69.35Coordinates: 24°17′N 69°21′E / 24.28°N 69.35°E / 24.28; 69.35
Country Pakistan
26 m (85 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Taluka Diplo is one of the oldest towns of Sindh. It is situated in the south and borders Runn of Katch. Deepo Menghwar first established this town. After the partition, Diplo was made Taluka headquarter of district Tharparkar. It has a Taluka hospital, one-degree college, one government high school for boys, one government high school for girls, one vocational school, ten government primary schools for boys and eight government primary school for girls.

Layakharo village in Diplo

Diplo is 40 kilometers ways from Mithi (district headquarter) and 107 kilometers from Badin and is connected with these towns by metalled roads.

After partition this town was sanitary committee till 1959. Afterwards, it was made union council. In 1974 it was up-graded as Town Committee. In 2001 with the introduction of new local government system Taluka Council/Taluka Municipal Administration Diplo was established. Taluka Council Diplo consists of following union council:

  • Union Council Diplo
  • Union Council Sobhiar
  • Union Council Jhirmirio
  • Union Council Dabhro
  • Union Council Bolhari
  • Union Council Khetlari
  • Union Council Kaloi
  • Union Council Bhitaro

Parbrahma Dham / Verijhap DhamEdit

Parbrahma Dham ( پاربرهم ڌام ) also known as Verijhap Dham(ويڊيجپ ڌام) or Chhari Saheb Dham (ڇڙي صاحب ڌام ) at Diplo taluka is an ancient Shiva Temple considered as Jyotirlinga where thousands of yatris arrive for "Divya Jyot Darshan" (Divine Light View) from a Jar.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] After the independence of Pakistan in 1947 the migrated Hindus worship Chhari Saheb at Sadashiv Chhari Mandir, Kubernagar in Ahmedabad.[10] However many devotees across the world arrive in Diplo during the annual "Parbrahma Jo Melo" or "Parbrahma Mela" held in Jeth(3rd Sindhi month).


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