Dionysios Ikkos

Dionysios (Denis) Ikkos (1921–1993) was a Greek physician who trained in Endocrinology at Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm with Rolf Luft and co-described the Luft-Ikkos mitochondrial syndrome.[1] He pioneered the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism in Evangelismos Hospital, Athens, where he distinguished himself in clinical practice, research and teaching, and was a founding member of the Hellenic (Greek) Endocrine Society[2] which honours his contribution with the annual Dionysios Ikkos Memorial Lecture. He was an early advocate and supported the establishment of General Practice/ Family Medicine as a medical specialty in Greece. The Hellenic (Greek) Association of General Practice also honours his contribution with the Dionysios Ikkos prize, the highest prize awarded for a presentation in the association's annual congress. Dionysios Ikkos was married to Danae Ikkou- Papadimitriou, a distinguished Paediatric Cardiologist and pioneer of her specialty in Greece.


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