Dionysiades (Ancient Greek: Διονυσιάδης) of Tarsus was an ancient Greek tragic poet who lived in the time of Alexander the Great (second half of the 4th century BC).[1] According to Strabo, he was the best of the tragic poets included in the so-called Alexandrian Pleiad.[2][3]

It is not cerain whether he is identical with Dionysiades of Mallus in Cilicia, also a tragic poet,[4] who wrote a work entitled Styles or Lovers of Comedy (Ancient Greek: Χαρακτῆρες ἢ Φιλοκωμῳδοί), "in which he describes (ἀπαγγέλλει) the styles of [comic] poets".[5] This work was perhaps the first attempt to distinguish and define the styles of Attic comic poets.[6] Suda mention that Dionysiades of Mallus was a member of the Pleiad and his father was named Phylarchides.[7]