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Diodorus of Alexandria or Diodorus Alexandrinus was a gnomonicist, astronomer [1] and a pupil of Posidonius.[2][3][4]


He wrote the first discourse on the principles of the sundial, known as Analemma.[5] a commentary on this having later been written by Pappus of Alexandria,[6] that is no longer extant.[7] A small number of sentences having survived the centuries and attributed to him are known; these comment on:the differences (for the purpose of defining) between astronomy and natural science (physiologia [8]) the word meanings for cosmos and star, the nature of (the things being) stars and Γαλαξίαςor [9] [Galaxias [10] kuklos,[11][12][13] (those things which are altogether stars are called today the Milky Way)]. He was known to Eudoros. In his dealings with astronomy he was known to Marinus in his commentary on Euclid's Data containing quotes of Diodorus's opinions on the meaning of a term, [14]

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