Diocese of the Windward Islands

The Anglican Diocese of the Windward Islands is one of eight dioceses within the Province of the West Indies.[1] The current bishop is Leopold Friday.


Source:[2] The diocese was established on 8 November 1877 from the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Tobago. Tobago transferred to the Diocese of Trinidad in 1889 when those two islands were joined together politically and St Lucia joined the Windward Islands diocese in 1899.

The new diocese shared a bishop with Barbados until 1927, when the retiring Bishop of Barbados, Alfred Berkeley, was elected as the first full-time Bishop of the Windward Isles.

The Cathedral Church of the see is St George's Cathedral in Kingstown, St Vincent.


Bishop of Barbados (and Windward Islands) (1877–1927)
Bishop of Windward Islands


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