Roman Catholic Diocese of Senj-Modruš

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The Diocese of Senj-Modruš (German: Zengg-Modrus, Italian: Diocesi di Modruš, Latin: Dioecesis Modrussensis) was located in the historical Kingdom of Croatia, while it was in personal union with Kingdom of Hungary, and it was suffragan of Zagreb.

The year of its foundation is not known. Miraeus, about 1150-1160, was the first bishop. The See of Modruš (Modrus) was established at Krbava (Latin: Corbavia) in Lika region in 1185. Pius II (1458-1464) moved the former see from Krbava to Modruš, as it suffered from the advance of the Turks. From that time it was known as the See of Modruš.

Urban VIII united the See of Senj with that of Modruš. Gregory XVI in 1836 confirmed this union "per aequalitatem". Until 1600 the see was suffragan of Split, later of Esztergom, then of Kalocsa; since 1852 it was suffragan of Zagreb.

The diocese consisted of Rijeka, of some parts of the "Komitat" of Zagreb, and of the Croatian Military Frontier. It was divided into five archdeaneries and fifteen vice-archdeaneries, and 137 parishes. The language at Mass and during the services was Old Slavic, by reason of a papal privilege. There were two chapters which belonged to Senj and to Modruš, and one collegiate chapter at Rijeka. The seminary was situated at Senj; it was established by Bishop Mirko Ožegović in 1857. Trsat, a place of pilgrimage, was situated in the neighbourhood of Rijeka.

In 1969 the Diocese of Senj was joined with the Diocese of Rijeka to form the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Rijeka-Senj.


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