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Coordinates: 55°04′08″N 3°36′29″W / 55.069°N 3.608°W / 55.069; -3.608

The Diocese of Galloway was one of the thirteen (after 1633 fourteen) dioceses of the pre-1689 Scottish Church. The Diocese was led by the Bishop of Galloway and was centred on Whithorn Cathedral.

Diocese of Galloway
Diocese of Galloway.JPG
HeadBishop of Galloway
Archdeacon(s)Archdeacon of Galloway
Known rural deansDesnes, Farines, Rhinns
First attestationDecember 9, 1128
Metropolitan before 1472Archbishop of York
Metropolitan after 1492Archbishop of Glasgow
CathedralWhithorn Priory
DedicationMartin of Tours
Native dedicationNinian (Uinniau, Finnian)
CanonsPremonstratensian canons
Mensal churchesGirthon; Inch; Kirkinner; Rhinns.
Common churchesBorgue; Clayshant; Cruggleton; Gelston; Glasserton; Great Sorbie; Kilcolmkill; Kirkandrews; Kirkdale; Kirkinner; Kirkmaiden; Kirkmichael; Little Sorbie; Longcastle; Mochrum; Toskerton; Whithorn; Wigtown.
Prebendal churchesKells; Penninghame.
Catholic successorResurrected: 1876
Episcopal successorDiocese of Glasgow and Galloway
Skene's map of Scottish bishoprics in the reign of David I (reigned 1124–1153).

In the Middle Ages there was only one archdeacon, the Archdeacon of Galloway. There are three known deaneries, the deaneries of Desnes (Kirkcudbright), Farines (Wigtown) and Rhinns. The deaneries of Farines and Rhinns were combined by the 16th century.


List of bishopsEdit

List of archdeaconsEdit

List of cathedral priorsEdit

List of known rural deansEdit

Early known rural deansEdit

  • Mac Bethad or Máel Bethad, fl. 1165 x 1174
  • James, 1185 x 1197

List of known deans of DesnesEdit

  • Matthew, 1200 x 1209-1209 x 1222[1]
  • Thomas, fl. 1250[1]
  • John Wallace, fl. 1331[1]
  • Herbert Dunn, fl. 1529.[2]

List of known deans of FarinesEdit

  • William, fl. 1200 x 1209[3]
  • S.[...], fl. 1254-1257[4]

List of known deans of RhinnsEdit

  • Gilbert, fl. 1200 x 1209

List of known deans of Farines and RhinnsEdit

  • John MacCraken, fl. 1538-1552
  • Michael Hawthorn, fl. 1559


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