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Diocese of Brechin (Episcopal)

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The Diocese of Brechin is in the east of Scotland, and is the smallest of the seven dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church. It covers the historic counties of Angus and Kincardineshire. It stretches from Muchalls in the north east down to Dundee in the south, and across to Glencarse in the south west. The cathedral and administrative centre is St Paul’s Cathedral in Dundee. The diocese continues to be named after its mediaeval centre of Brechin.

Diocese of Brechin
Ecclesiastical province Scotland
Congregations 29
Cathedral St Paul's Cathedral, Dundee
Current leadership
Bishop Bishop of Brechin
Map showing Brechin Diocese as a coloured area south of Aberdeen
Map showing Brechin Diocese within Scotland

The diocese is thought to have been founded in 1153 by Bishop Samson. The diocese had a continuous line of bishops leading through the Reformation, when Donald Campbell (1557) and John Sinclair (1565) were elected Bishops of Brechin, but not consecrated; the line was continued later through Andrew Lamb. In 1566, Alexander Campbell was appointed as titular bishop. The line continued in proper form among Episcopalians with Andrew Lamb in 1610. From 1695 until 1709, the diocese was united with the Diocese of Edinburgh, with the latter's bishop, Alexander Rose, being also Bishop of Brechin. The line of independent bishops of Brechin restarted with John Falconar in 1709, and has continued to the present day. Following the resignation and death of the Right Reverend Dr John Mantle, in 2010, Dr Nigel Peyton was appointed Bishop of Brechin in May 2011. Dr Peyton was chosen ahead of four other candidates including Dr Alison Peden.[1]

The Diocese of Brechin is twinned with the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa (Iowa, United States) and with the Anglican Diocese of Swaziland (Swaziland).

The manuscript records of the Diocese of Brechin are held by University of Dundee Archive Services.[2] The archive collections include the administrative records of the diocese, records of individual churches, and the correspondence of Alexander Penrose Forbes and George Frederick Boyle.[3]

List of churchesEdit

Name Location Ref Founded History/notes
St Mary the Virgin, Arbroath Arbroath [4] 1694 Building 1852-1854
St Peter, Auchmithie Auchmithie 1885
St Andrew, Brechin Brechin [5] pre-1870 Building 1886-1888
Holy Rood, Carnoustie Carnoustie [6] 1881
St Philip, Catterline Catterline [7] 1843 Building 1848. Services monthly. United with Stonehaven
St John the Baptist, Drumlithie Drumlithie 1863 Services monthly
St Palladius, Drumtochty Drumtochty, nr Auchenblae 1885 Originally private chapel to Drumtochty Castle. Services monthly
St Paul's Cathedral, Dundee Dundee [8] pre-1847 Previous Episcopal meetings in a chapel. Building 1853-1855, raised to cathedral status 1905
St Mary Magdalene, Dundee Dundee [9] 1854 New building (ex-Catholic Apostolic) 1952
St Salvador, Dundee Dundee [10] 1859 Began as a mission from St Mary Magdalene's
St Margaret, Dundee Dundee (Lochee) 1861 Began as a mission from St Mary Magdalene's. Building 1888
St John the Baptist, Dundee Dundee 1886 United with St Martin's 2010. Not used for worship at present - home to Diocesan Centre
St Martin, Dundee Dundee [11] 1904 Daughter church of St Salvador's, independent 1930. Rebuilt 1972
St Ninian, Dundee Dundee [12] 1938
St Mary, Broughty Ferry Dundee (Broughty Ferry) [13] 1848 Building 1858
St Luke, Dundee Dundee (Downfield) [14] 1901 Run in partnership with Church Army
St Andrew, Fasque Fasque, nr Fettercairn 1846-1847 Originally private chapel to Fasque House. Services monthly
All Saints, Glencarse Glencarse [15] C18th Building 1878
St David of Scotland, Inverbervie Inverbervie [16] ?? United with Montrose. Shares building with Catholics
All Souls, Invergowrie Invergowrie [17] 1896
St Laurence, Laurencekirk Laurencekirk 1871
Holy Trinity, Monifieth Monifieth [18] 1909
SS Mary & Peter, Montrose Montrose [16] 1724 United with Inverbervie. Burned down 1857 and rebuilt 1858
St Ternan, Muchalls Muchalls [19] c. 1689 New building 1748, rebuilt 1770, 1795, current building 1828-1831 (oldest building on this list)
St James, Stonehaven Stonehaven [7] 1715 Chapel 1737, rebuilt 1760s, current building 1875-1877. United with Catterline
St Drostan, Tarfside Tarfside [20] c. 1689 Current building 1879. Services monthly during summer only


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