Diocesan governor (Norway)

The Diocesan Governor (Norwegian: Stiftamtmann) was the head government official that oversaw the civil administration within a diocese in the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway and later in Norway. The Bishop of the diocese oversaw the religious administration in the diocese and together, the two officials were the highest officials in the diocese, reporting directly to the King.[1]

Each diocese typically was made up of several counties which were led by a county governor (Norwegian: amtmann). The diocesan governor oversaw all the county governors within the diocese. The diocesan governor was the king's representative in the diocese and their job was to ensure that the king's orders and laws were obeyed. The diocesan governor was also to make sure that the bishop of the diocese did not succumb to heresy or other problems.[2]

Often, but not always, the diocesan governor also simultaneously held the role of county governor for one of the diocese's counties. The Diocesan Governor of Kristiania was often called the vice-stadholder, meaning he was just below the rank of the stadholder who was the Governor-general of Norway. The Diocesan Governor of Kristiania stood slightly higher in rank than the other diocesan governors in Norway.

In Norway, there traditionally were four Diocesan Governors starting in the late 1600s, but in the mid-1800s, there were two more dioceses created, so two more diocesan governors were added.[3]

Over time, the overarching role of the diocesan governor lost some of its significance and in administrative reforms in 1918, the job was abolished effective on 1 January 1919. During this reform, the county governors were re-named as fylkesmann.[4]


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