Dimension Pictures (1970s company)

Dimension Pictures was an American film studio founded in 1971, which primarily released exploitation and horror films.[1] The studio went defunct in 1981, after which many of its films were acquired by 21st Century Film Corporation.

Dimension Pictures
IndustryMotion picture
PredecessorWoolner Brothers Pictures, Inc.
FounderLawrence Woolner
Successor21st Century Film Corporation
Los Angeles, California


Dimension was founded by Lawrence Woolner, an exhibitor who had made a number of films, including several with Roger Corman.[2] He hired the husband and wife team of Stephanie Rothman and Charles S. Swartz to run the filmmaking division.[2] Rothman and Swartz left in 1975 but the company continued until about 1981.[3] After the company's bankruptcy, a majority of the films were acquired by 21st Century Film Corporation.[4]

Select filmographyEdit


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