Dimdim Castle

Dimdim Castle (Kurdish: قەڵای دمدم, romanized: Qelay Dimdim, Persian: قلعه دمدم) was a Kurdish fortress located on top of Mount Dimdim in West Azerbaijan Province of Iran, just west of Lake Urmia.[1] This fortress was the location of Battle of Dimdim.

Dimdim Castle
قلعه دم‌دم
Mount DimDim in Iran
Coordinates37°23′26.1″N 45°10′57.77″E / 37.390583°N 45.1827139°E / 37.390583; 45.1827139Coordinates: 37°23′26.1″N 45°10′57.77″E / 37.390583°N 45.1827139°E / 37.390583; 45.1827139

According to Kurdish oral tradition the fortress was built in the pre-Islamic era.[2] The castle suffered an attack by Safavid Empire and got sacked in 1609,[3] then rebuilt by the Amir Khan Lepzerin in the same year.[2] Other source mentioned that the siege of Dimdim Castle was in 1610.[1]


The word "Dimdim" may be onomatopoeic for the noise which the stones of the castle made when they dropped from the castle into the valley.[4]

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