Dievoet (/ˈdvʊt/) is a place name from which the surnames Van Dievoet and Vandievoet are derived.


Coat of arms of the Van Dievoet family of Brussels.

As a surname, it is found mainly in Belgium as Van Dievoet or Vandievoet, and may refer to:

Members of the Van Dievoet family of Brussels (Vandive in Paris) (Divutius in Latin) such as:

Coat of arms of the family of Baron Émile van Dievoet.

Members of the family of Belgian politician Baron Émile van Dievoet such as:

Members of the Vandievoet or Van Dievoet families, Brabantian families from the villages of Haren, Diegem, Evere, Schaerbeek, Meise, in Flemish Brabant such as:

Place nameEdit

Dievoet is a place located in Uccle (Belgium).[1]


There are two possible etymologies :

  1. Diet + voorde, place name of Germanic origin.
    • From Diet meaning people and voorde meaning ford. Dietvoorde thus meaning "public ford".
  2. Divo + ritum, place name of Celtic origin.
    • Divoritum meaning "sacred ford".

For more informations about the etymologies of the name, see Dievoort.


  • Dievoort, a related surname and place name


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