Dieter Wedel

Dieter Karl Cäsar Wedel (born November 12, 1939 or 1942 in Frankfurt am Main) is a German director. Wedel directed numerous television productions since the late 1960s, among them very successful mini-series like Der große Bellheim [de], Der Schattenmann [de], Der König von St. Pauli [de] and Die Affäre Semmeling. He is considered to be one of Germany's best-known television directors.[1] He also served as the artistic director of the Nibelung Festival in Worms between 2003 and 2014.

Dieter Wedel
Hessischer Filmpreis 2016 - Dieter Wedel 3-2.jpg
Wedel in 2016
Dieter Karl Cäsar Wedel

November 12, 1939 (or 1942)
OccupationFilm director
Years active1966-2018

In the Me Too campaign, Wedel was accused in January 2018 by several actresses of sexual harassment and in the case of actress Jany Tempel even rape.[2] There have been official concerns about the alleged long-time coverup of Wedel's actions because most of his work was done through public broadcasting and received government money. After official investigations against him, Wedel resigned from his post as the artistic director of the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele.[3]

Wedel has been married to Ursula Wolters for many years, but in the past has also had relationships with other women, among them actresses Hannelore Elsner and Ingrid Steeger. He has six children.


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