The Dickson Range is a subrange of the Chilcotin Ranges subset of the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in southwest-central British Columbia. It is located just west of the town of Gold Bridge between the valley of Slim Creek to the north (a tributary of Gun Creek) and Downton Lake Reservoir to the south. At its eastern foot is Gun Lake; its western limit is at a pass between Slim Creek and Nichols Creek (which feeds the upper Bridge River just before it enters Downton Lake) near the pass which separates the Bridge River basin from that of the Lord River, which feeds the Taseko Lakes.

Dickson Range
Vancouver Island-relief DicksonRng.png
Location of Dickson Range
Highest point
PeakDickson Peak
Elevation2,809 m (9,216 ft)
Coordinates50°53′53.9″N 122°59′12.1″W / 50.898306°N 122.986694°W / 50.898306; -122.986694Coordinates: 50°53′53.9″N 122°59′12.1″W / 50.898306°N 122.986694°W / 50.898306; -122.986694
Area302 km2 (117 sq mi)
ProvinceBritish Columbia
Parent rangeChilcotin Ranges

The range is approximately 3,500 km² (1350 sq mi) in area and about 35 km in length. Its highest Peak, Dickson Peak (a.k.a. Mount Dickson), is 2809 m (9216 ft), is a stunning pyramidal peak towards the eastern end of the range, overlooking the middle Bridge River Valley to the east and also visible on the canyon road between Gold Bridge and Bralorne. The drop from Dickson's summit to Downton Lake is c.2075m (6775') in only 5 km (3.1 mi).

Just southeast of Dickson Peak is Mount Penrose 2634 m (8642 ft), which a cockscomb-like summit which stands immediately above Gun Lake and its resort community. Penrose was named for Republican Senator Boies Penrose (November 1, 1860 – December 31, 1921) who climbed it in the 1920s while hunting with famed local big-game outfitter W.G. (Bill) Manson. Penrose was an avid outdoorsman and another mountain in the Flathead area of Montana also bears his name.

Penrose is the best-known summit in the Dickson after Dickson Peak, but farther east along the range are Scherle Peak 2677 m (8783 ft) and Tillworth Mountain 2631 m (8632 ft). A peak named Sorcerer 2602 m (8537 ft) occupies a separate ridge on the northwest end of the range, adjacent to the Leckie Range just north across Slim Creek.

To the north and northeast of the Dickson Range is the Spruce Lake Protected Area a.k.a. the "South Chilcotin", while to the northwest is Ts'il?os Provincial Park.


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