Dickens (surname)

Dickens is an English surname originating from the name Dick, the diminutive of Richard, stemmed with the patronymic termination ens, meaning belonging to, or the son of. Notable people with the surname include:

Charles Dickens family/descendantsEdit


  • Charles Dickens (1812–1870), British novelist of the Victorian era
  • Charles Dickens, Jr. (1837–1896), British editor and writer, first child of Charles Dickens
  • A. G. Dickens (1910–2001), British academic and author about English Reformation
  • Monica Dickens (1915–1992), British writer, great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens
  • Frank Dickens (1932–2016), British cartoonist, creator of the comic strip "Bristow"


Politicians, governmental, officialEdit

  • Samuel Dickens (?–1840), U.S. politician, Congressional Representative from North Carolina
  • Francis Dickens (1844–1886), British mounted policeman, third son of Charles Dickens
  • Geoffrey Dickens (1931–1995), British Conservative politician
  • James Dickens (1931–2013), Labour MP
  • Inez Dickens (20th century), U.S. member of the New York City Council
  • David Dickens (20th century), former director of the Centre for Strategic Studies New Zealand





Fictional charactersEdit

  • Eddie Dickens, lead character in several books by British author Philip Ardagh