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Diary of a Mad Black Woman is an American stage play written and directed by Tyler Perry, which opened in spring 2001. It has music by Tyler Perry and Elvin D. Ross. The production starred Marva King, Tamela Mann and Tyler Perry.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman The Play
Written byTyler Perry



Helen McCarter (King) is a loving wife to her successful millionaire husband and attorney, Charles McCarter (Blake). For twenty years, they have lived in a mansion on the inner part of the city. It appears that Helen is living the perfect life, but things are not as they seem, seeing as how Helen and Charles' marriage seems to be slowly falling apart. Charles' father, an elderly mail clerk by the name of Daddy Charles (Perry), talks to Helen, realizing that she is not as happy as she seems. He knows that Helen loves Charles, exclaiming to his son later in the play, "I dunno why she loves you, but she loves you to death." Helen also confides in her friend, Brenda (Robinson), an attorney who also works at Charles' firm, and her mother, Myrtle (Mann), who also thinks that Helen's marriage is still going well. Helen also reveals that Charles has also been abusing her physically after trying to cover up a bruise she received with a story claiming to have " hit herself in the eye with a cabinet door."

As their anniversary approaches, the McCarters continue to argue more and more. Finally, on the night of the anniversary, Charles admits to Helen that he has not been happy for quite sometime, and also tells her that he wants a divorce, revealing that he has been having an affair with another woman, who is Helen's friend Brenda. After humiliating Helen, Charles leaves her, telling her she can have the house and $2,000 a month.

Meanwhile, Helen receives a package from a delivery man named Orlando (Moore). Helen scolds him for what seems as though trying to flirt with her. Madea then recognizes Orlando in a magazine as a successful and wealthy business owner. Helen apologizes to Orlando, but Orlando blocks her advance, claiming that she is only doing so because she found out that he was rich. Helen finally tells him of her troubles and the two become friends. Brenda returns once more, this time bringing the paralyzed Charles to Helen, claiming that she cannot take care of him anymore and that she is not a care giver. Brenda then leaves quickly as Helen was trying to pull her wig off, like she did when Myrtle told her about Charles, but not before being shot by Madea, who exclaims, "I got her, girl. Let me get the hell out!" Helen talks to Charles and laughs at the fact that he is now suffering. She leaves him sitting in the living room for days without feeding and bathing him. Charles begins to apologize and begs to just be left to die, but Helen refuses and tells him that she wants him to suffer for everything that he did to her. Later, Madea, who has been captured by the police later in the play for attempted murder, and Daddy Charles, who was sent to a home, work together and deliver letters from Charles job to Helen and make her see that she is now the acting owner of the company and quickly fires someone over the phone (probably Brenda).

Over time, Helen begins a relationship with Orlando. And soon, Charles reveals that he is no longer paralyzed. Helen signs the divorce papers and prepares to leave with Orlando. As she is about to leave, she realizes that she is still in love with Charles, returns and makes Charles promise to never hurt her again, and the two begin anew.


  • Tyler Perry as Daddy Charles and Madea
  • Marva King as Helen Simmons-McCarter Flint Michigan July 12
  • Curtis Blake as Charles McCarter Charlotte North Carolina July 13
  • Cordell Moore as Orlando Moore
  • Tamela Mann as Myrtle Jean Simmons
  • Tunja Robinson as Brenda Marco Chicago Illinois
  • Regina McCrary as Angelou
  • Ty London as Willie

Live tour castEdit

  • Tyler Perry as Daddy Charles and Madea
  • D'atra Hicks and Kitra Williams As Helen Simmons-McCarter
  • Curtis Blake as Charles McCarter
  • Dexter Hamlett as Orlando Moore
  • Regina Gibbs as Myrtle Jean Simmons
  • Tunja Robinson as Brenda Marco
  • Regina McCrary as Angelo
  • Ty London as Willie

Musical numbersEdit

  • "Only Believe", performed by Tamela Mann
  • "A Man Got To Do What A Man Got To Do", performed by Curtis Blake
  • "The Blues", performed by Ty London and Regina McCrary
  • "Cold", performed by Marva King
  • "Turn it Around", performed by Tamela Mann
  • "Ain't it Funny", performed by Marva King
  • "Father Can You Hear Me", performed by Marva King, Curtis Blake, and Tamela Mann

Movie connectionsEdit

The stage play was adapted into a motion picture by Lions Gate Entertainment and BET Pictures, and opened on February 25, 2005. The film version of Diary of a Mad Black Woman stars Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Shemar Moore, Cicely Tyson and Tyler Perry. In the movie, Helen and Charles have been married for eighteen years, rather than twenty years as in the play.