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Dhoom (Dhūm, meaning "Bang") is an Indian Hindi-language action thriller film series. The films revolve around ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), an Assistant Commissioner of Police and his sidekick Ali Akbar Fateh Khan (Uday Chopra), who attempt to capture wanted, professional thieves. In an ode to common practice, the plot is often heavily influenced by the antagonist. It is the second largest Bollywood film franchise in terms of box-office revenue.[1]

Dhoom franchise
Dhoom series.JPG
Directed bySanjay Gadhvi
(Dhoom, Dhoom 2)
Vijay Krishna Acharya
(Dhoom 3)
Produced byAditya Chopra
Screenplay byVijay Krishna Acharya
Story byAditya Chopra
Vijay Krishna Acharya
(Dhoom 3)
StarringAbhishek Bachchan
Uday Chopra
Music byOriginal Songs:
Background Score:
(Dhoom, Dhoom 2)
Julius Packiam
(Dhoom 3)
CinematographyNirav Shah
(Dhoom, Dhoom 2)
Vikas Sivaraman
(Dhoom 2)
Sudeep Chatterjee
(Dhoom 3)
Edited byRameshwar S Bhagat
(Dhoom, Dhoom 2)
Ritesh Soni
(Dhoom 3)
Distributed byYash Raj Films
AMC Entertainment
(Dhoom, Dhoom 3)
Release date
1: 27 August 2004 (2004-08-27)
2: 24 November 2006 (2006-11-24)
3: 20 December 2013 (2013-12-20)
Budget(3 films):
$42 million
Box office(3 films):
$177 million
Created byAditya Chopra
Original workDhoom
Print publications
ComicsDhoom: Redux 893
Films and television
Dhoom 2
Dhoom 3
Dhoom 4
Video game(s)Dhoom: 3 The Game
Dhoom: 3 Jet Speed
Dhoom 2
Dhoom 3

The latest installment in the series Dhoom 3 has earned over ₹550 crore worldwide, making it the fourth highest-grossing film in the history of Hindi cinema. As of 2016, Dhoom is the fifth highest grossing film franchise in Indian Cinema.


Dhoom (2004)Edit

A mysterious gang of bikers are on a robbing spree. ACP Jai gets Ali, a mechanic, to assist him in the case. With the clock ticking, it's up to them to nab the thieves red handed.

Dhoom 2 (2006)Edit

Jai and Ali return, this time on the trail of an international thief who steals priceless artifacts and has chosen Mumbai as his next target.

Dhoom 3 (2013)Edit

When Sahir, a circus entertainer trained in magic and acrobatics, turns into a thief to take down a corrupt bank in Chicago that ruined his father, Indian officers Jai and Ali are called to catch him.

Principal Cast & CharacterEdit

Character Film
Dhoom 2
Dhoom 3
Dhoom 4
Jai Dixit Abhishek Bachchan
Ali Khan Uday Chopra
Sweety Dixit Rimi Sen Rimi Sen
Kabir John Abraham
Sheena Esha Deol
Vinod Ajay Pande
Rahul Arav Chaudhary
Tony Farid Amiri
Rohit Rohit Chopra
Shekhar Kamal Manoj Joshi
Mr. "A"
Hrithik Roshan
Shonali Bose Bipasha Basu
Monali Bose
Sunehri Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Sahir/Samar Khan Aamir Khan
Siddharth Nigam (young)
Aaliyah Katrina Kaif
Dev Salman Khan
Unnamed Villain Shah Rukh Khan
Unnamed Kajol Mukherjee
Unnamed katrina kaif


Occupation Film
Dhoom 2
Dhoom 3
Director(S) Sanjay Gadhvi Vijay Krishna Acharya
Producer Aditya Chopra
Screenwriter Vijay Krishna Acharya
Original Story Aditya Chopra
Music Composer Pritam
Cinematographer(S) Nirav Shah Nirav Shah
Vikas Sivaraman
Sudeep Chatterjee

Release and revenueEdit

Film Release date Budget Box office gross revenue
Worldwide Worldwide (inflation adjusted) India Overseas
Dhoom 27 August 2004 110 million[2] ($2.4 million)[3] ₹650 million ($14.44 million)[4] ₹1.72 billion ($19.2 million) 466 million[5] $835,000 (₹39 million)[6]
Dhoom 2 24 November 2006 450 million[7] ($9.9 million)[8] ₹2.62 billion ($36 million)[4] ₹4.3 billion ($48 million) 1.14 billion[9] $8 million[10] (362 million)[3]
Dhoom 3 20 December 2013 1.75 billion[11][12] ($30 million)[13] 5.892 billion ($101 million)[14][13] ₹7.49 billion ($110 million) 3.72 billion[15] $35.6 million[16] (2.172 billion)[17]
Total N/A 2.31 billion ($42.3 million) 8.162 billion ($151.44 million) 12.87 billion ($177.2 million) 5.326 billion $44.4 million (2.573 billion)


The movie had a significant cultural impact among urban Indian youth. It was blamed for an increase in incidents of street racing, bike-borne theft and stunting on public roads. Besides, there was a new impetus to the bike-modifying scene with youth going in for modifications to their bikes ranging from free flow exhaust systems to addition of NOS kits.[original research?]

In Malappuram district of Kerala, four members of a group of criminals had cracked the floor of South Malabar Gramin Bank in the early hours on 30 December 2007 and looted 2.5 million and 80 kilogrammes of gold, a total worth of Rs. 80 million, considered to be one of the biggest thefts in Kerala's crime records. The Kerala Police have arrested four people in connection with this and the leader admitted that he was inspired by Dhoom. The media in India drew parallels to Dhoom 2.[18][19]

Graphic novelEdit

A graphic novel named Dhoom: Redux 893, has been published in 2012 by Yomics.[20]


  • An android game based on the 2013 film Dhoom 3, titled Dhoom:3 The Game has been released on the same year.[21]
  • Another game titled Dhoom:3 Jet Speed released by 99games.[22]


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