Dhanwan (1981 film)

Dhanwan is a 1981 Hindi film starring Rajesh Khanna in the lead role, paired opposite Reena Roy and produced by Sohanlal Kanwar.[1] The supporting cast includes Aruna Irani, Rakesh Roshan, Shakti Kapoor, Om Prakash and Vijayendra Ghatge. Rakesh Roshan was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the Filmfare Awards, the only one for the film. Reena Roy plays the role of a defiant widow who reforms the egotistical Rajesh Khanna in the film. The movie was a super hit grossing over 13.9 crores in 1981.

Dhanwan 1981 poster.jpg
Directed bySurendra Mohan
Produced bySohanlal Kanwar
StarringRajesh Khanna
Reena Roy
Rakesh Roshan
Aruna Irani
Om Prakash
Music byHridaynath Mangeshkar
Sahir Ludhianvi (lyrics)
Release date
  • 24 July 1981 (1981-07-24)


Vijay is a very proud rich man who thinks money can buy anything. He harbors love for Asha and tries to win her, but she rejects him for his arrogance. He gets angry as well as disappointed when Asha marries an accounting clerk instead. Soon after, he is involved in car accident in which he loses his eyesight completely, and the doctor thinks Vijay will need a new pair of eyes. Vijay orders eyes, but it isn't as simple as Vijay thought, the doctor explains to him that it's difficult to find an eye donor. That is when Vijay realizes that money cannot buy everything in life. Then he starts believing in God and starts chanting prayers. Only a few days later, he finds a donor and his eyes are operated upon. Now Vijay can see and he also has realized that money is indeed very useless in certain circumstances.

On inquiry, he learns that the eyes implanted on him are of Anil, his accounts clerk and the person who married Asha. Now Asha is a widow as Anil has been executed after being falsely implicated on a case of theft. It now becomes an aim of the now big hearted generous tycoon Vijay to protect Asha and find the truth as to how Anil got into trouble and to prove the world that Anil was innocent.


It received four stars in the Bollywood guide Collections.[2] The film grossed 13.9 crores at the box office in 1981.




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