Deyal (Bengali: দেয়াল, transl. Barrier) is a 2013 political/historical novel by Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed, based on the socio-political crisis in the aftermath of the war of independence of Bangladesh. It was the last novel of the writer and was published one year after his death.[1][2] The publication of the book was delayed by a High Court verdict.[3][4]

Deyal by Humayun Ahmed book cover.jpeg
AuthorHumayun Ahmed Sir
Cover artistMasum Rahman
SubjectHistory after Bangladesh's war of independence, the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's family, Coup of rule of Ziaur Rahman
PublishedFebruary, 2013
Media typeImprint
Pages198 (1st edition)


In the midst of 2011, Ahmed started writing the book and after writing the first five chapters, these parts were published in Anyadin magazine. After a long period, while he was in treatment of cancer in United States, he again started writing the novel, but he died before completing the last part of the work.[5]



Before being published, there was controversy over the accuracy of a section of the book,[7] that related to the killing of Sheikh Russel in the 15 August 1975 Bangladesh Coup d'état, and a case was brought in the Bangladesh High Court by Attorney General Mahbubey Alam. According to the high court's order, the first part of the book had to be changed and the Government was ordered to provide Humayun Ahmed with a copy of the verdict on the killing so that he might correct factual inaccuracies.[8][9]


Deyal was a best seller in the 2014 Ekushey Book Fair.[10][11] In 2013, Justices AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury and Sheikh Md Zakir Hossain of the Bangladesh High Court issued a verdict challenging the execution of Colonel Abu Taher in which they made references to Deyal.[12]


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