Dewal also known as Dewal Sharif is a Union council of Murree Tehsil, a sub division of Murree District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1]

Dewal Sharif
Dewal Sharif is located in the north of Murree Tehsil
Dewal Sharif is located in the north of Murree Tehsil
Country Pakistan
 • MNASardar Noor Khan
 • Total11,052

According to the 1998 census of Pakistan it had a population of 11,052.[2]

Dewal and Dewal ShareefEdit

Dewal is a Sanskrit word means a small temple, but Pir Abdul Majid (Pir Sahib Dewal Shareef) who migrated to Rawalpindi in mid fifties last century and established a shrine with the support of Ex-President of Pakistan General Ayub Khan,[3] in Faizabad between Islamabad and Rawalpindi translated and Islamized Hindu small temple common noun Dewal into Dewal Shareef.[4]


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