Devil May Hare

Devil May Hare is a 1954 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson.[1] The short was released on June 19, 1954, and stars Bugs Bunny and the Tasmanian Devil making his debut.[2]

Devil May Hare
Devil May Hare title card.png
Directed byRobert McKimson
Story bySid Marcus
Produced byEdward Selzer
StarringMel Blanc
Music byMilt Franklyn
Animation byHerman Cohen
Phil DeLara
Charles McKimson
Rod Scribner
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
The Vitaphone Corporation
Release date
June 19, 1954 (USA)
Running time
7 minutes


Bugs is spring cleaning until he is interrupted by a huge variety of animals stampeding in fear. He fails to stop one of them to ask what is going on until he places a shovel in the way of a turtle, who explains that "the Tasmanian Devil's on the loose! Run! Run! Run for your life!" Not knowing what a Tasmanian Devil is, Bugs walks down the stairs into his hole and looks in an encyclopedia. It describes the Tasmanian Devil, or Taz, as a "strong, moiderous beast", with "jaws as powerful as a steel trap" and a "ravenous appetite" who eats several animals (tigers, lions, elephants, buffaloes, donkeys, giraffes, octopuses, rhinoceroses, moose, ducks, etc.), though not including rabbits. Taz, unknown to Bugs, has spun into the area and is actually standing next to the rabbit as he is reading; the Devil interjects by writing "and rabbits" at the end of that list. This grabs Bugs' attention and Taz grabs him, intending a meal. Bugs says that, better than "one skinny rabbit" if the two work together, "I can fix ya up with a menagerie." He decides the menu will start with "a little appetizer, groundhogs."

Bugs directs Taz where to start digging for groundhogs and, as he is shoveling a hole, Bugs buries him in it. This fails, however ("What for you bury me in the cold, cold ground?!?"). Taz then attacks him, but Bugs feigns smelling chicken; this interests Taz. Bugs says he will fix one up for him and makes one from liquid bubble gum and bicarbonate of soda. Called to "luncheon", Taz immediately devours this creation and starts hiccuping. He generates a giant bubble which Bugs blows into the air. Taz begins to drift away until Bugs uses a slingshot to pop the bubble and bring him down.

Bugs simplistically makes an inflatable raft look like a pig and lures Taz with pig noises. Taz swallows it whole, Bugs pulls the string and the Devil inflates into the shape of the raft. As Bugs admires the deer he has crudely fashioned from a variety of objects, Taz swirls in and chases him up a tree. As the Devil methodically chomps sections of the tree, bringing Bugs closer to the ground each time, the rabbit manages to divert his attention to the deer. Bugs suggests Taz use the slingshot he has provided - a huge rubber band slung around a tree - to knock the prey out first. Taz does this but, as he is pulling the slingshot back in preparation to fling the pre-loaded rock, Bugs saws down the anchoring tree. Taz soars backwards and crashes.

As Bugs laughs and enjoys Taz's misfortune, a real fawn appears next to him. Bugs, unaware that the Devil is standing behind him, warns the fawn, using several insulting adjectives to describe Taz. Eventually, the rabbit notices he is there; Taz says, "Flattery will get you nowhere. And ya can't fool me again." Bugs agrees, then tells Taz the fawn is made out of straw. "But, you're not," the Devil replies. Bugs runs, Taz spinning after him. At a point where Bugs manages to elude him for a second, he stops at a tree and, from a hole in it, retrieves a phone. He calls the Tasmanian Post-Dispatch and places a singles ad: "Lonely Tasmanian Devil would like to meet lonely lady Devil. Object: Matrimony."

In a few seconds an airplane flies in, lands and a Tasmanian She-Devil (who does not have a pouch, even though in real life, Tasmanian devils are marsupials) spins out, dressed for the wedding ceremony. Upon seeing her, Taz falls immediately in love. Bugs poses as a minister and pronounces them "Devil and Devilish". As Bugs tosses rice at them, the couple board the airplane, which immediately takes off. Bugs bids them farewell. He then tells the audience, "All the world loves a lover. But in this case we'll make an exception."

Edited versionsEdit

When this cartoon aired on CBS in the 1980s, the part where Bugs uses a slingshot to bring Taz down (after he hiccups a bubblegum bubble that sends him skyward) was cut, making it seem that the bubble burst on its own.[3]

Home mediaEdit

Devil May Hare has been featured on the Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection DVD box set, as well as the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 1 DVD box set. It also appeared in the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 1 Blu-ray box set alongside Bedevilled Rabbit, Ducking the Devil, Bill of Hare and Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare.


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