Deventer Colmschate railway station

Deventer Colmschate is a railway station located in Deventer, Netherlands. The station was opened in 1888 and is located on the Deventer–Almelo railway. The train services are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Deventer Colmschate
General information
LocationDeventer, Netherlands
Coordinates52°15′01″N 6°12′55″E / 52.25028°N 6.21528°E / 52.25028; 6.21528
Line(s)Deventer–Almelo railway
Opened1 September 1888
Preceding station Nederlandse Spoorwegen Following station
towards Apeldoorn
NS Sprinter 7000 Holten
towards Enschede
Deventer Colmschate is located in Netherlands
Deventer Colmschate
Deventer Colmschate
Location within the Netherlands

The station was closed between 15 May 1933 and 10 December 1989. Before the reopening in 1989, the station's name was simply Colmschate as Colmschate was a village back then. Some time after the closure, it was incorporated as a neighbourhood of Deventer.

In 2018, a tunnel was dug under the station by ProRail to remove the railroad crossing.

Train services edit

Route Service type Operator Notes
Apeldoorn - Deventer - Almelo (- Enschede) Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour - weekends 1x per hour

Bus services edit

Line Route Operator Notes
1 Deventer Station → Rivierenwijk → Snippeling → Colmschate → Blauwenoord → Snippeling → Rivierenwijk → Deventer Station Syntus Overijssel
5 Deventer Station - Ziekenhuis (Hospital) - De Vijfhoek - Colmschate Syntus Overijssel

A little bit south of the station, there's another bus stop called De Scheg, where line 6 and 160 halt.

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