Devakshara Charita

Devakshara Charita or Devakshar Charitra (Bhojpuri: 𑂠𑂵𑂫𑂰𑂍𑂹𑂭𑂩 𑂒𑂩𑂱𑂞 IAST: Devākṣarcarita; Transl.: The Character of the Divine Alphabet) is a Bhojpuri play by Ramdatta Shukla which was written in 1884,[1] which is also considered as first published drama of Bhojpuri.[2] This play was written to emphasize the supremacy of the Devanagari script and to highlight the drawbacks of Urdu script.[3][4] It was written and published in 1884 from lite press, Varanasi.[citation needed]

Devakshara Charita
Written byRamdatta Shukla
Date premiered1884
SubjectSupremacy of Devanagari over Persian


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